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I Forge Iron

Daves first day with Brian a.k.a. Fieryfurnace

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Dave is going to do great. He started out striking like a pro. He struck for a hot cut and a hammer in these pics. He did the two sided taper while Brian was prepping the hammer for heat treat. He was able to do it without any problem so he was able to make the flower and the fullered leaf before time to harden the hammer. He is going to do great. I will get a few pics in the morning then check back with them that afternoon. Here is the link to the pics and I will put a video of them punching out the plug also.


Heres the video


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Dave has stepped into the spotlight as the personification of someone that came to this site with a desire to learn to smith. He studied hard and when he posted questions he did it with respect and actually followed through on the information he received. He figured out that in addition to time studying he needed forge time. A great balance in his learning. And the often given advice of seeking help is again showcased in this video update of lhis education.
It is hard for me to imagine where and how he will taking his talents next.
When I see these updates on this site I am jealous of Bryan sharing his personal skills with students of this caliber.
Thanks for sharing!

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