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I Forge Iron

A belated hello from the UK

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I just noticed this sub-forum and thought that I should quickly say hi.

I have always been interested in how stuff is made, high tech stuff at first (which is why I am currently studying a computer science degree) but then slowly working back down the manufacturing chain, till you end up at blacksmithing, the very first stage in manufacturing anything.

Due to the fact I am currently studying full time I am planning to assemble a small, portable forge and anvil (probably about of a brake drum and a piece of scrap steel) and concentrating on making small items (simple jewellery) and some basic tools. Once I finish at uni, the sky is the limit.

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Look into a one fire brick forge for small stuff, I used to use one in my basement! Run off a plumber's propane torch and the whole kit would easily fit in a 5 gallon bucket for carrying around. Lots less hassle for small items than a coal or coke forge.

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