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25 most important tools/resources for a beginning blacksmith


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I hate to throw a bucket of water on this thread, but she will need a bucket of water! (slack tub)

Seriously though -
I think it is great that you are that involved. I hope this goes beyond the homework exercise and you help her get these things.

If you two get into this together, since she is already taking classes, maybe she will have a chance to teach you!
Sounds like a great and different way to bond with her - I envy you.


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You will find it very helpful to find a nearby smith that will let you visit their operation and talk with them about what they have and why. Most of what you "need" can be put into a 5 gallon bucket, including a 20# block of steel - depending on what she decides to "do" with metal will help narrow the basic tool list. Most of the possibles have been listed above, but most important I believe is the where-with-all to see in her mind how she wants a piece of metal to look when she is finished. Someone else can show us how to write our name, but until we get that image set in our mind it is just some lines. Practice after being taught makes us get better and perfect practice makes our results more perfect. I envy you in your new adventure with your child.

:D Tim

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1. hammer
2. forge
3. Anvil
4. tongs
5. vice
6. hardy tools
7. saw
8. grinder
Here on out is just "nice" and not needed
9. drill press
10. work table.
11. bench grinder
12. Power buffer
13. welder of some type

I've been hobby smithing for 3 years.

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I think this is what I would put down. Hobby smith for 5 years.

Hearing protection
Eye protection
Cross pein Hammer
Gas forge
Anvil stand
Steel Bucket
medium size bolt cutters
tool stand
smithing magician
post leg vice
drill press
treadle hammer
more hammers
more tongs
more chisels
Variety of stock to work from
angle grinder
cut off saw or horizontal band saw
Steel work table


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To bolster the interest you should attend a blacksmith class. I went to Turley Forge Blacksmithing School for his 3 week class back in 2010 and It's a life changing experiance. Frank is a phenomenel person and teacher. Blacksmithing is more than a trade that just makes stuff, it reaches in to the human need to create, to evolve from one's own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention.

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Slow down, attend the meetings, attend conferences, come to Quad State, come by my horse trailer/canopy visit with me and others, learn a lot before buying what you think is what you need. Again my best advise is slow down... I started blacksmithing about 13 years ago and thought that I had to buy all those tool, then realized that I had spent a bunch of money on tools that I did not need.
The great thing about this blacksmithing community is that we want to help others learn and get started. Come to Quad State the 4th weekend in September and plan to learn a lot and have a good time,,, as well as find good deals on those tools that you think that you need.

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