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I Forge Iron

Rose Napkin Rings

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A set of 8 Napkin Rings. Each ring is forged from a single piece of 3/8" round bar 13" long. Finish is brass brush and clear enamel. Went into town this morning to buy some fancy cloth napkins for the photo's. went several places. I got a kick out of the sales lady's expressions when I asked for help. Guess they aren't used to having a 280 pound man in bibs and work boots coming in looking for fancy napkins. Never did find the napkins but I got a good chuckle...

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Very nice, I am going to try this soon. So its just 3/8 round stock and then on the end you made a russian rose? Also i have been brass brushing some other roses lately, but they don't turn out this deep in color. Do you have any suggestions on how I van obtain that deep bronze color?

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