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Stand for a processional cross - looking for ideas

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A dear friend of mine from college is a Franciscan priest. He's looking to commission a stand for a processional cross. As I understand these things, the cross is basically a long dowel with a cross on the end, so the stand has to be something like a flag pole stand - a stable base and a tube (of some sort) to put the dowel end of the cross at the end of the procession.

Any notion where I could look at examples?

Any helpful suggestions?

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Where will it be located? Nice scrolls going from the feet to the tube are a pretty design *if* people will not be walking through a confined space with the base a tripping hazard.

If it would be a tripping hazard a flat disk, perhaps with plasma cut designs would be better. Or put the scrolling as the legs and have just the tube rising above it.

An adjustable tube might be nice as many churches have a number of Processional Crosses, Candles, Flags, Banners, etc and the better the fit the better it looks. Perhaps a series of nesting tubes with slight tabs at the top to make them easily changed out?

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I would suggest a visit to some cathedrals or large churches to get some ideas.

Where and do they normally store this cross?

I have made some processional banners/crosses holders, but they were mounted to a wall, socket at the base, to locate the staff base, and a standoff bar (semi circular or triangular) with a location U for the staff body to fit in, with a latch acroos the front to hold the staff in place, the location area being lined with felt to stop abrading the staff,

The whole item then tilts forward slightly when in situ, allowing any banners to hang free and vertical without rubbing or wearing on them.

They can be mounted low down or higher up depending on the item being supported.

I lke to keep them simple with twists or some other decoration, rosettes, crosses etc

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Start with an appropriate piece of pipe, then attach some scrollwork to form 3 legs with feet. I would "blind weld" the scroll work to the pipe and grind it flush so the inside of the pipe is smooth. Think about protecting the wooden pole with how the pipe lip is finished, and make sure the bottom is partially blocked, but not fully sealed since people (kids) put stuff in things they ought not to. A washer or single bar so the base can be lifted with the cross in it, and the cross won't fall out should do the trick.

Having 3 feet means it can sit fairly tight to a wall or corner (inside or outside) as well as being self leveling.


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if he's looking for just the stand, then you need to see the bottom of the cross to know how to make the stand to fit. In our church, the cross has a pin protruding from the bottom that slides into a hole in the stand. Once you know what the bottom of the cross is, you can design the stand accordingly.

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