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Nice gates ? did you hand hammer all the Clayton joins or set up some kind of jig or press set up ?
if you did a jig SURE would like to see a pick of it :<) Ive made 2 sm garden gates using Clayton joins
done by hand next time want to set up a press set up of some kind ??

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thats a lot of joints... what exactly is a clayton joint? scuse the ignorance.......... :(

Hi Beth, it' basically a piece of tube, heated to bright red, that is placed between a top and bottom bar at right angles or other required angle, and the whole compressed which allows the tube to wrap around the bars, and as it cools it increases its grip, much like a collar.

Sounds easy, but to get them all as precise as the one shown, well that's a challenge.

Well done to the maker.
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Thanks Guys!
I use the fly press to make these.
The dies are just two pieces of round stock the diameter that you are trying to capture welded to a top and bottom die holder at 90 degree angels.
If you don't have a fly press you can make a simple jig from the stock you are trying to capture by looping it around so it creates a 90 degree angle with enough clearance to insert the tubing.
Hammer it down but not far enough to crimp it together and this will start your knot.



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Nice looking method of of attachment. Now that I'm not doing it any more is a fine time to learn about it but you just never now when knowing about it may come in handy. Knowledge is a wonderful thing to have your mind cluttered with. Just maybe I can find a way to incorporate this into some jewelry. Cool looking gates but that dog looks old enough to drop dead any day now, they must be planning on getting a puppy. :P

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