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  1. So I am asking for thoughts/opinions/experience. I was thinking of making some damascus out of old farriers rasps. I am wondering because of the texture of them if they would lend to a different looking damascus.? Has anybody tried this before? If you have what were your results ?
  2. hey there is a great place in Vista... It is at the Antique Steam and Gas Engine Museum. They have a huge full working blacksmith shop and the teach all kinds of classes from basic blacksmithing up to advanced blacksmithing. A few of the instructors are, Ken Rose, Dave Carroll, and Dave Vogel. I have taken a few classes there and the also have a "open forge" times when you can just show up and use the shop. Dont know were you are located at but it is worth the drive.They have a web site ... www.agsem.com, check it out they have all the info on there about the classes and how to sign up for them. Another resource you might want to check out is the California Blacksmith Association. It is a great group that can provide you with lots of good information and the also host several events during the year. Hope this helps and good luck.
  3. O,K so here it is.. i took a old pick up tail gate.. made a couple brackets for the bottom to pivot on kinda like what would have been on the truck but with some flat plate so it could be anchored to a wall. Then a couple brackets to attach the arms to mount to. Now when i want a bench i just fold down the tailgate for a easy bench.. when i am done i just "close" the tailgate.. Its against the wall and out of the way...
  4. wow.. very nice work....forge work like that inspires me to get my butt back at it ....
  5. Wow.. i like it..i am going to have to try that deal with the sand....The cat in the Hat huh.... Hhhmmmmm .. can you forge green eggs and ham sam i am.? LOL... again nice work.
  6. Maybe your pesky neighbor would prefer if you took up e new hobbie instead......maybe nude sunbathing in the back yard...?
  7. Hey forgot to add this to the last post...if you are looking for jack-hammer bits try your local equipment rental yard..i worked at one years ago and we use to just throw the old hammer bits in the trash...ya never know what else ya might find in there dumpsters...
  8. I drove around and found 2 metal fabrication shops that let me do a little "dumpster diving" at the end of there work week and take what ever i want out of the bins for free......i also was fortunate to make freinds with a railroad track maintnence crew boss........i give him some beer time to time and he gives me boxes of RR spikes, peices of track, bolts of diffrent sizes and lengths, and other little goodies. Then there my other 2 freinds that are farriers...they leave boxes of used horse shoes in my drive way........
  9. Well i hope i am posting this in the right are. I am working on making some roses. I have made them out of steel and copper in the past, but i am thinking of trying to use brass. Has anybody tried/done this before..? If so do i need to aneal the brass first like ya do with copper..? What kind of colors do you get with the brass. ? Any info would be appreciated..thanx
  10. Thats great to see other people investing in younger generations. My son is 9 {almost ten } and he runs my tractor. is learning to do some blacksmithing with me and some mig welding.. His grandfather taught him to read a tape measure, tear down and rebuild a lawn mower engine and some basic framing and plumbing skills. My son can also saddle his own horse and work cattle with me and he is learning to rope. I only wish more parents/people would teach kids more of these types of things...so much is being lost on kids now days that just want to sit and play video games all day...
  11. Amazing work..! ! ! ! ! I must say as a new wanna-be smith it is work like that, that inspires us new guys to not give up and keep practicing.. thanks for sharing the pics with us and keep up the incredible work.
  12. I feel that the imperfections are part of what makes smithing so much diffrent than some store bought mass produced item that anybody can purchase. If you had your choice of having the same exact peice of art be it made of wood, metal, a painting that somebody else has, or you could have something that was unique,, one of a kind hand made no two items being the same....now you have something special. When somebody can look a something that was hand made and see the time,, energy,, and thought that go's into a peice i feel they appriciate it more. Remember we are all critics of ourselves...but it is that critisism that strives us to try to do better and inspires us to keep re-inventing ourselves as smiths and artists and to try new things and to challenge ourself to be better.......just my 2 cents.
  13. WOW very nice work.......the dog doesnt look like he is going to be trying to break out any time soon..!
  14. To all that have given advice i thank you.....i got back in the forge today and made a couple steak turners for a freind of mine. I started thinking of other things i want to try while working at the forge..I will press on and keep coming back to iforge for advice and inspiration. again thank you to all of you.
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