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what can I say?


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OMG!!! If this wasn't a family site I would say what I think this guy is but his initials are DA!!! What an idiot!!! :lol:

Edit: Ok, after reading the comments on the YouTube site and watching it again, its evident it was staged... But still kinda funny :D

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Some 30+ years ago a friend of mine was given a .36 cal ball and cap pistol and after shooting it a bit he decided to see light a teaspoonfull in an ashtray in the living room of his mobile home. No bang, just a fast whoosh and the whole trailer was full of smoke. I'd just stepped into sight in the hall but wasn't fast enough shouting NO!!!! to keep him from lighting it.:o

What I'm wondering about the Youtube vid is just what the heck he was using for powder. That went off like no black powder I've ever seen and I'm not familiar at all with gun powder containing magnesium. Staged sounds right and staged with ingredients that won't help any other fool make workable black powder.

Frosty the Lucky

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I have seen a quart jar of black powder set on fire (by accident). There was 20 inches of flame, and a fountain of sparks and burned intensely about a minute, and extreme amounts of thick white smoke,

This video has all the layers of photoshop, no sparks to the ignited fuse, white flash -flash powder?, then the lights come on automatically so we can see the debris laid out on the table.

Any black powder, gun powder, flash powder, smokeless powder, etc is not to be trifled with. It can be extremely dangerous.

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