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Rasp play


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Hi good people got a chance to play a bit today took a farriers rasp and hammered out this thing. Not sure I like it but it was fun to play with fire. Seems like forever, maybe two weeks, since I had the propane beast blowing fire at me. Still got to work it down and put a edge on it. It heat treated good.

Regards Keith



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With rasps and files, and anything made from them with the teeth still on, heat treat is the biggest hurdle because the teeth like to start cracks. So you've got the hardest part done. can't wait to see it with the scales on. If you don't like you can send it to me :D

Ed Steinkirchner

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After working on it a little it grew on me. So last night I pounded out a bigger one and cleaned up the profile. The small is 8-5/8" overall with 4-1/2" blade. The bigger is 14" overall. Got some wrought soaking for it.






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Looks cool, but I wonder how well they will hold up. Like mentioned before, the teeth are stress risers all over the blade. I have been told to grind down to smooth metal before forging a file. Not saying it cannot be done, but how well it will work in the long run.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I made these kinda as a novelty type blade and I always thought they looked neat. For a work knife I would use 1095 or 5160. Before I heat treated I rounded all the sharp edges by buffing with a slurry of pumice and tooth paste on a felt pad. I normalized it 4 times before edge quenching it. It chopped through a persimmon wood board with no edge damage. The bigger blade just cut through a piece of kiln dried red oak 1x4 no damage, so it seems pretty tough. I've never tried the brass rod test not sure even what to do on that test. Thanks again for the comments. I'll put pictures of the big one up next week when I get my rawhide in to make the sheath for it. Looks real frontier like.

Regards Keith.

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