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Head Bob Hammering

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A few smiths are pronounced head bobbers when hammering. The head and a little of the upper torso bob downward a split second before the hammer makes contact. Personally, I think that it looks goofy. It may not affect the smith's skill, and it may not cause injury over time. Nevertheless, I try to discourage my students from developing that habit. It's an extra movement that is not necessary to get the work done. My opinion.

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Frank, I have never noticed "head bobbers" before.
I have no question about the idea that there must "head bobbers" if you say there is.
What you say about anything carries a lot of weight with me. I trust in what you say.

I have never had hundreds of successful blacksmithing students to observe as you have done.
Now I am wondering if I am a "Head Bobber" and don't know it! :huh:

The best to you Frank, and thank you for all of your knowledgeable input!
Ted Throckmorton

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Hi Frank,
I know of the affliction of which you speak. Some people exaggerate it to the point where there whole torso from the waist up moves up and down with each hammer blow.I don't think it causes any injuries but it seems to be a large waste of energy.I also feel that the exaggerated form of unnecessary upper body movement is a great detriment to any type of accurate hammer control.

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Frank, I see exactly what you mean now. :blink:
Now I can spot a "Head Bobber" with out any question!

Dennis, You are most likely correct! :P
Now I do not have to watch Dr. Phil!

I love this place. A person can still have fun after they leave the shop!

From what I saw, I guess I am not a head bobber.
Maybe I would be If I was not so old and tired! - - Or lazy!
Ted Throckmorton!

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As spokesperson for the Exalted Order of Bobs I have been in touch with the Grand High Bob (also known as the Head Bob) and he has asked me to inform you that if he finds any of you have been defacing any likeness of him he is prepared to bring swift retribution your way by marshaling Bobs everywhere to come to your shops and confiscate all your hammers.He will then seek restraining orders and injunctions to keep you from owning any hammers or likenesses of him in the future.
So sayeth the Grand High Bob.
You are officially on notice!Our lawyers(all named Bob)are standing by.

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Now this has got serious :blink:
What shall I do?

Just to be on the safe side, maybe I "BOB" just enough to be a fence
sitter "Bobber", and nobody else will notice.
But with this admission, all bases are covered!
A guy can't be too careful ya know!

As you may observe, I have spent more time "Bobbing" on
this post, than I have in my shop! :unsure:

It is all about Priorities!

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Ok, now one of you guys go to U-tube and find a good "Bobber" so I can see exactly what it is that I don't want to do!

Go to The forging scissors thread and look at the striker on the Japanese forging site videos that short bald striker puts new meaning into the word "Bobber" the guy is swinging with his legs and his whole body is moving up and down.The only way it could get worse is if he started hopping and his feet left the ground.
I have noticed that ridgid arms and moving torsos as well as heads is rather prevalent in eastern videos.Must be an Asian thing.
The strikers in the white robes and long flowing sweatbands with Japanese writing on them seem to be the "anti-Hofi" side of the coin.
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Ok, now one of you guys go to U-tube and find a good "Bobber" so I can see exactly what it is that I don't want to do!

Then again, lets not! See below:

I mentioned about getting a video off of Utube and posting it or the link here so I could see what was happening. In retrospect, I don't believe that's a very good idea, so please disregard that post.
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I think that people are trying to get as much of their body weight into the strike as possible. They are throwing their body at the steel. It may create more force but I feel you are expending a lot of energy. Your body only has so much reserve energy, some more than others. I guess the question would be two fold. Are you getting enough extra work done to justify the extra expended energy and is it hurting you in the long run. The first one, I don't have an opinion on. The second one I do, it is just my opinion. By getting up on your tippy toes and swinging from heaven as well as throwing your body into the strike in an exaggerated manner is probably going to cause problems down the road. I have literally seen smiths strike like this. If they want to do it fine, I am not condemning them for it but in the long run they may suffer. They are still my friends.

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hey bobba rebob!!

I gotta striker named Sue,she knows just what to do
I gotta striker named Sue,well she knows just what to do
She hits hot iron,yes indeed
sprays hot sparks all over me

I gotta pal named Daisy,she sho nuff drives me crazy
I gotta pal named Daisy,well she sho nuff drives me crazy
Slings tools to the East,tools to the West
And I end up laying on my chest
If she don`t pick the tools up off the floor
She ain`t comin in the shop no more
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