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I Forge Iron

Very thrilled to tell you all....


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Hey all....I have been able to get some photos uploaded for those who are interested in seeing them :-)


And far be it from me to not share this picture of the princess of our family :-) Already she has been incredibly enthusiastic and very helpful to her Mama.


Thanks to all of you for the outpouring of congratulations and well wishes.
It's nice to know that a red-hot, greasy, dirty and abrasive trade can produce such a caring and friendly organization.

Yes...I'm glad someone picked up on his name. Indeed his mother and I are Heavy metal enthusiasts....It was her idea to include Megadeth's Dave Mustaine in our wee lad's name.

And I *REALLY* hope that I will have some sort of a mechanical hammer before my daughter, let alone my son gets too much older. If either of them act as strikers, it will be to keep them physically active and fit while they learn something.
Seriously...any boy with half a brain will think twice about messing with a girl who grew up with a knife she forged in one hand and a Barbie in the other :-)

Anyways, many thanks once again to all of you for all the kind words and well wishes.

By the way...does anyone know of a good blacksmithing project to make for a baby? I've been thinking and so far I'm coming up with nothing :-)

Thanks again and take care


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