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Ting tongs

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I am curious as well, I suppose the tongs could have been used by Hermy to remove the teeth from the bumble. (a reference to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer tv show by Rankin/Bass; an elf named Hermy removed the teeth from the abominable snowman)

Seriously though, I was wondering if this is a real tool or a gag thing. Pretty neat either way.

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G'Day all
i've e-mailed me mate who took the picture ( his missus on photo ) askin' him for more info as in " where , what & when " but till then i'm guessin' they's mock up's ( read JOKE ) tongs

From what i can gather from the picture it's 1 of " many " Historical site that can be found around OZ ( Australia ) Me mate & his missus are inta lookin' at all that kinda stuff

Hope this helps youse

Dale Russell

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