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  1. Tyler Murch

    Completed Commission

    Very nice Richard
  2. so many different things, but a lot of it comes from music
  3. Tyler Murch

    Name that tool.

    yes, or maybe a decorative dempler
  4. Tyler Murch

    how do you do it?

    make a welded loop on the end, then cut it to give u two prongs
  5. Tyler Murch

    Disc gates fitted

    Awesome! Reminds me of sargeant pepper cartoons or something.
  6. Tyler Murch

    Patch knife?

    i particularly dig this guys knives Daniel Winkler, Master Bladesmith I met him at The Blade Show before.
  7. Tyler Murch


  8. There isn't a name i can find that would fit it for every day, so i don't name it.
  9. Tyler Murch

    Hammer material and RC

    I make my forging hammers from 4140. I quench them to full hardness in warm oil and temper them to a dark bronze, alsmost purple.
  10. Tyler Murch

    Blacksmithing Movies And Music

    Maxwell's Silver Hammer? bang bang maxwells silver hammer came down upon her head, dooodoododododooo
  11. Tyler Murch

    Word Association

    birquette is french for small brick. Pizza
  12. Tyler Murch

    Word Association

  13. Tyler Murch


    I've been listening to Jimi Hendrix the most lately. Also Bob Dylan, The Beatles, John Lennon, Gnarls Barkley, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. My favorite from Hendrix is his later stuff like Band of Gypsies and Fillmore East, also his Blues album and any long instrumental jams.
  14. Tyler Murch

    Full Spectrum Desk Lamp

    blacksmithing isn't a time period