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I Forge Iron

after much waiting

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A pal of mine has had a matching set of Yater swage blocks for all the time I've known him, and finally....finally he was ready to part with them, now I can sit in the dark and hold them, cause their mine... all mine yeeeheehahhahahahhahahha

urk gurgle haaak!
oh yeah, he tossed in some cool pieces of tool steel to boot!!

post-4158-015391800 1284749246_thumb.jpg

post-4158-033263900 1284749315_thumb.jpg

post-4158-014093200 1284749359_thumb.jpg

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Nice score Mike!
Your friend is very wise,now he has cash to go and buy other toys yet still has access to those blocks if he needs them.
Looks like the spiders got the most use from them so far.I`m sure you`ll fix that!

Post pics of their new stand won`t ya,after you get it built that is. :)

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Tomorrow we have our monthly meet here, I'm gonna have them front and center, hopefully the drool will drive the spiders away!! We had planned to build an outhouse tomorrow, but I may have trouble getting the guys to move now!! No beer was abused during the transaction, only dead presidents!!

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maybe you ought to take a Mark Aspery class, you will learn to use the swage blocks in ways that make them more than "planters", I love having them handy, they are useful, if you get used to using them, you start to find all kinds of things to do with them, otherwise, why have them???

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nice score there Divermike, I picked up a set last year the Yater blocks are real nice, Jere Kirkpatrick told me that Wally used old wrecking balls to make them, I don't know if that is true but they are pretty hard not cast iron like some that I have seen. I was sitting right next to Wally on Lyle's tailgate in Memphis and did not know who it was until later on (bummer I would have liked to pick his brain some)
I would like to see what you come up with for a stand as I have not built one yet, the blocks are heavy and they will smash your fingers quite well I Can assure you of that

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