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Eye Test For Blacksmiths


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I came across this picture and had a very strange effect when you scan your foucus slowly around to different places in the field. Do you see movement or not? Am I alone in this effect? I'm looking for a reason why this happens; any guesses???


Just scan the immage like you are viewing the suttle curve of the small of a Ladies back. Don't focus on any one spot, keep your focal point moving around the image. Can you see the effect?

I hope I'm not alone!

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The science teacher across the hall from me does some of these things to our kids once in a while. Something about there are blind spots at certain places in our eye sight and our brain automatically takes the surrounding image and "fills in" the missing dot. And I would hypothesize the movement comes from your brain constantly adjusting to meet the right color and shape. Some people can actually see the dot in their regular vision. I thought the guy was full of it until he made me cover up one eye and hold a pencil out at this certain place and part of the pencil disappeared. I can't even begin to describe the steps to do this, but it worked. I accused him of tricking the kids, and like any good science teacher he sat me(the skeptical government teacher) down and proved me wrong. So for the rest of that day I had our kids were all talking about how cool the day was. I should have known better...But it was still fun. These will show up in his room tomorrow! Thank you for sharing!!!


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Ok, now that I'm bug eyed as all get out. Feel like I've been staring at the sun. All but the last worked for me. The big one, looked like a bunch of gears all turning in different directions. Man, my eyes are still funny. Which is odd, because years ago, while shopping in the mall, they had these pictures you would stare at, and the other picture was supposed to become visible. Supposed to. I never once saw the picture. So I'm kinda surprised I saw all but one of these things. I ain't looking again! My eyes are just now getting back to normal.

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