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  1. That tsuba will have a better look with a fuku rim all tehe edge around
  2. Thank you a lot Alabama...
  3. someone knows the brand, type or mark of an anvil? it have this draw at a side. it is an arm and a hammer, some illegible letters in top and bottom of the oval, weights 35 lb. many tranks
  4. Stefano, those knives are belisimos
  5. feels good when a customer appreciates the work you makes, and better when relizes the real value of a knife in real situations. congrats Karl
  6. V

    My new E.D.C

    i like it Robert, looks handy and sturdy
  7. Good way to think about a knife, surely it will perform well.
  8. I like the three but most the middle one.
  9. it came out nice Sam, have you tried water bottles with it?
  10. V

    S7 bainite kukri

    it is very good Kuk, how it cuts?!!
  11. V

    It's mine :D

    Congrats a lot Sam