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Look'n for my apprentice?

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I got a boy from the church interested in smith'n .
His parents love me,cause he' s very energetic [think hard to keep up with]::D
anyway, HE said he joined IFI and uses the handle dts12.
I can't find any of his post?
How do you find other folks on this site?
HE keeps ask'n me to reply , and I say I see you every Sat.:rolleyes:
Thanks .

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Aw, he's probably reading IFI and trying to reply without registering. No mystery there, I've had to explain it a couple times. :blink:

I must say I'm relieved though Pete. When I read the subject I thought maybe your apprentice had fallen into the coal barrel or something else equally tragically horrible and you couldn't find him. :rolleyes:

Frosty the Lucky.

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Thomas Dean: you are WRONG. There are other Blacksmith Sites out there that are good ones, often having a different flavour. Many of them pre-dating IFI. Being different does not make them bad, wrong or wannabee! Just as being a more recent site does not make this one a johnny-come-lately one. If you have to tear down other sites to make one look better then there's a problem. I hope that was just misplaced humour.

(eg: Don Foggs knifemaking site is awesome!)

And yes I am part of the admin team on Primal Fires and Anvilfire and have been on the net since rec.crafts.metalworking was the place to go, before blacksmithing was added to the hierarchy. (real fun back in those days with the thread on making a corkscrew---all the machinists were coming up with massively difficult methods of doing what is a trivial task smithing...)

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