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ANVIL Shooting???

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I want a real anvil so bad, it almost makes me cry... but this is just so **** COOL... an anvil is the last thing I ever thought I'd see flying 200ft into the air:o.

YouTube - ANVIL Shooting

Maybe ya'll have seen this before, but it's new to me! If you've never seen it, check these three vids out. I found the shot of the anvil embeded in the ground right up to the face after it plummeted down from the heavens most amusing for some reason...

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I'm sure more serious history buffs will chime in soon, but anvil shooting has been a part of Americana dating back to at least the 19th century. At one time (before the Grucci Family came along :D) it was used to kick off celebrations such as 4th of July, or any other excuse to make a big noise. My understanding is that, typically, only anvils that were worn out or damaged beyond repair were used but that's not to say some less informed folks use perfectly good anvils. IMHO, however this would be stupid. :)

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St Clems day at Finch Foundry always has 4 or 5 "Firing the anvil" demos' but do it a little differently and less dangerously.

An anvil is placed so the tong gripping holes (where the anvil body is held whilst being forged) faces uppermost, powder in the hole, wooden block with hole drilled through driven in to tamp load down, cord used to ignite the charge, loud bang, and only a little block of wood to do any harm. That gets the crowds attention

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Ive seen quite a few shoots.. its a beautiful thing. Nothing like being up close to a black powder BAMM... feeling that shock wave hit it and then watching a 100lb anvil fly up up and away... spinning ever so slowly.... finally peak and then come rushing back to mother earth..... makes me want to drag a pair out front and touch one off.... I got a 350 trenton that would made a good base.. anyone got a solid wrought 100lb'er we can turn into a rocket? We'll have to do it at your shop... Last time I fired my little 1 1/4 bore cannon off at my shop the landlord came over and reminded me I was on school grounds and it was a felony to discharge any weapon within 300 yards of a school.... The way things around here are I am just about sure some judge would side with the prosecutor that an anvil was designed to be a deadly weapon and they would lock me away for having a bit of fun....

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Yeah ... I've seen those youtube videos before ... and been informed about the historical significance behind anvil shooting ... I still don't get it.

Breaks my poor tender heart to see something like that happen to a poor defenceless anvil.

Maybe we could start up an Anvil Rescue Shelter and Rehabilitation Center.

We could start our own chapter of PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Anvils.

We could have bumper stickers and t-shirts that say "Friends don't let friends blow up Anvils ... there's gotta be some other useless junk you could blow up !!!" ...

Join me brothers and sisters, together we can save the endangered wild anvil ...

... ummm ... errr ...

... sorry ... gotta bit carried away there ... back to my quiet corner ...


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