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    Sanger, CA, USA
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    warping/forming metal, making stuff, motorcycles, spearfishing, falconry, cars, my wife...


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    Sanger, CA
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    soon to be married (4-17-10), too many interests, not enough time... se la vi
  • Interests
    motorcycles, spearfishing, falconry, making stuff, warping and twisting metal to my will... heh
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    I design pre-fab roof and wall systems (trusses and panels), and do part time fab work(welding etc.)
  1. :angry: DUDE.. GRRRR... w... f... s... xxxxxxx BLARG!! It's not even mine and I'm xxxxxx with a capial P... that's so xxxx wrong. did you insure it? I think I'm mailing stuff FedEx from now on... omg... blargidyblarg... sorry. just had to be said. -B
  2. Ditto. it's a treasure trove of information. kuddos JPH!!
  3. Definately. As a complete noob myself, I learned tons from this book. Although I tried the "world's smallest forge", and it broke . I'll just have to keep pluggin along, durn it!! Happy Hammerin'!
  4. is workin workin workin... no rest for the wicked!

  5. @ Sam... ROFLMAO!!! Amen brother!!! I'd join that PETA chapter! I could easily foster wayward anvils waiting for a permanent home... I love it... Brett
  6. ROFLMAO!!! Dino poo!! ... i love it...:D
  7. NICE!!! that's a very quality bit of engineering! Did you do a lot of machining, or use existing parts for the swivel? Good stuff!
  8. My thoughts exactly... ahh well. When the time's right, I'm sure I'll find one for me to hammer on...
  9. I want a real anvil so bad, it almost makes me cry... but this is just so **** COOL... an anvil is the last thing I ever thought I'd see flying 200ft into the air:o. YouTube - ANVIL Shooting Maybe ya'll have seen this before, but it's new to me! If you've never seen it, check these three vids out. I found the shot of the anvil embeded in the ground right up to the face after it plummeted down from the heavens most amusing for some reason... -B
  10. Sage advice from a wise man... and a heck of a bladesmith IMHO... very nice knife.
  11. LOL... love this thread! interesting sourcing of *ahem* material. and oh so inspiring to us aspiring insane/genius (ingenious??!)esses... will be following with great interest...
  12. Frosty: 6'5", 325#, 57" chest.... I was told once upon a winter's moon that I resembled a naked Kodiak Bear.... and it stuck;). (though I don't really think I'm tall enough, LOL)... though I used to pinch kodiak, but that was long before the nickname. thanks for the replies, and I'll update my profile straightaway. -B
  13. Just wanted to introduce myself. Name's Brett, I'm in Sanger, CA, and I just finished all my certs in "manufacturing tech" at Reedley College (welding, machining, with a smatering of electricity, hydraulics, blueprints, and materials), and that's what got me interested in forging... I guess I've developed a thing for shaping metal. So, HI!! and salutations. I'll probably ask all the silly nubie questions , so please bear with me. Thanks in advance for the knowledge I'm sure I'll pick up here. Happy Hammering!! -B