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Say I waited and decided to buy some steel instead of using scrap, where would I even begin to look to purchase? Not like I would walk into walmart or AK steel or whatnot and say 1 pound or whatever of this, only places listed in phone book seem like major movers.

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The best places I have found are:

Pacific Machine in OR...1-800-547-1091

Security Steel In IL 1-800-222-5160

I would advise staying away from Admiral as I have had nopthing but problems with every order they have ever sent me..the even "substituted" steels on their own without my permission to do so... I have been using the above two suppliers ince 1980..NO probkems at all..

Minimum amount you need to order is one (1) full length bar....

Hope this helps


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Or you could by small amounts through Knifemaking Suppliers. Kovel Knives just outside of Columbus OH used to be one such.

May I suggest you attend the SOFA meetings and ask if anyone would like to go in on an order with you as the price per pound goes down if you will but an entire stick usually.

They can also clue you in to that scrapyard in Dayton that has tool steels sorted out and marked.

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Here are a couple guys who get lots of good reviews, but I whom haven't used personally.

Kelly Cupples can sell you 1080, 1065, 1095, 5160, O1, maybe other stuff -- ask him:

2807 Butterfield Rd.
Yakima Wa. 98901

Aldo Bruno has a variety of stuff, but I don't know all the details; I know he frequently has 1084 (which he has custom rollled), W1, sometimes some W2 (yes, really), and who knows what else. Ask him for an inventory/price list: njsteelbaron@gmail.com

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01 (sold as ground flat stock) makes a fantastic knife, and can be purchased in a huge variety of sizes from online engineers suppliers (in the UK we have 'cromwells' not sure what the US equiv is!)

Its a bit of a shame to forge ground flat stock but its a good way to buy really small quantities of known material (very popular with the 'stock removal' guys)

'Silver steel' sold by the same place is , from memory, W1, is usually suppled in diameter bars. Again a simple to heat treat good knife steel.

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