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Polishing copper

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Go to Wal-mart in the pool/spa area and get PH-minus it is the same as sparex but 1/4 of the price. Mix with hot water as much as will desolve. This will turn the copper pink but will be no oxide. You need to buff the copper if you want it shiny
I patina (color) my copper with liver of sulfur, this will make copper color from a light brown to almost black depending on how long you leave it in the sollution

Ammonia fumes will turn it green
google copper patina on the web it should give some mixtures and what colors.
Heating and then quenching in water will give some nice reds but the piece will be soft.
I did a carnation by heating and burying in coarse saw dust from a saw mill. It gave bright blues and purples but again it was soft.

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