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Old smithys

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While working in the bush last year I came across these sheds. These old buildings really get me worked up so I had to investigate. The boss's job could wait! I walked around the site which comprised about six buildings, taking a heap of photos from interesting angles to add to my collection of such things. There was the house of course still with piano in the front room, a pig shed, barn, chook house and a couple of outside dunnies. Eventually I got around to actually looking inside one of the sheds. Normally they're just shells to I hadn't bothered too much.

photo 1

:o:o I neally had kittens. Beneath the collapsed roof was a complete blacksmith's shop albeit with a much reduced head room. There's the anvil, forge and bellows and had I had the nerve to go inside in the hope the shed would not crash down around me there were probably all the necessary accoutrements like hammers tongs swages fullers etc etc

photo 2

Eventually the owner came down to see what I was up to. Fortunately I didn't see a shotty under her arm. We had a long chat about the site and and about the old bloke that had just walked away. By the way I promised I wouldn't reveal the location to anyone but promised I would offer any assistance if they were ever going to retore the place.

photo 3

Are there any gems that you have come across?




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Strine, yes, thanks for the pics. I was recently asked to do some work for the local Historical Society. We have a barn that was hauled in from the country and also a Church. In it's original location (beside the 2 former mentioned) is a house that was the residence of a founding member of our community (Doctor). It is run by volunteers and I had never been inside of it. Was taken up there by a volunteer and asked to make a stand for an antique (child) mannequin. While in the house I was truely taken back in time. Sincerely hope that you may get the option to see this place you posted become restored. Mebbe there is some money someplace to make things like this happen (and also some vollie labor as well). Being in old places like these gives me a perspective on life that I need. We all will leave things behind eventually and hope that someone will be the caretaker of them.


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I might have asked about buying the tools. Was there an anvil also? I didn't notice one in the pictures.

You can see a horn clearly, front feen and part of a face poking out on the right of pic #2. It's just to the right of the white rag hanging from the roof pole.

Good pics and story. Thanks.

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Out by the river, where we used to fish when I had time for things like that, there was an old quarry, complete with buildings (all cast concrete). When we got tired of fishing, sometimes we would climb up the hill, cross the rr tracks, sneak back into the quarry, and check out the buildings. They were empty, except for a storage rack with core samples piled up on it. Also, there was one building that was obviously the smithy for the quarry. There was a brick forge built in the middle, with a brick chimney, and an open slot in the roof directly in front of the chimney – over the forge. Other than the forge itself, there was no equipment, furniture, or hardware left, except for a stump, which was obviously the anvil support.
Of course, eventually a local biker gang rented the whole place for a massive party, painted graffiti everywhere, and did about ten years worth of damage in a weekend. I think afterwards the brick forge was still there, but the stump was gone, as was anything else portable.
As far as I know the buildings are still there. The last time I was back there was when I was dating my wife, about four years ago.
It’s always been private property, so I can’t reveal the location, other than “Susquehanna River.”

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