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New sign installed

Double Y

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This is a sign I just finished installing on Sunday.

The uprights are 8 x 8 - 10 foot long

The top log is a 12 x 12 - 12 foot long - it weighs over 500#

All the log joints are mortise and tenon.

The sign is free-hand cut from 10 gauge plate. The rim around is 1/4 inch by 3 inch strap. The sign is 6 foot tall and 7 foot across.

There is right at 1,000# of concrete in each footing for each post. I drilled and set 1/2 inch bolts into the concrete to hold the posts.

Now the kicker.....the lady of the house loves the sign....but doesn't like the location. I called yesterday evening to see what they think...and she wants to move the sign.

Oh and did I mention I hand dug the holes for the concrete footings and hand mixed the concrete?

Oh well, this will add more cost to the sign. I may have to get a crane in to pick up the whole works.









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your sign looks fantastic! what a shame they want it moved... did you discuss location before you installed it or was it left up to you? i ask because ive just had a bad experience with a customer who has a problem with a part of a job we didnt discuss before hand (annoyingly it is the cost...). I am learning all about this stuff and how or if you can resolve these things. Its a steep learning curve! I hope you can talk her into keeping it where it is - or at least getting paid for any extra work:) At least she loves the sign:)

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The veterinarian (the Mr. of the house) okayed the location. He even helped pour a couple bags of concrete in the second footing. So he knew exactly where it was going.

This change will be on them. I can do it, but it will add to the cost of the project.

Not to offend, but.....if Momma isn't happy....then nobody's happy, seems to apply here.

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I was out there tonight checking bolts and dropping off "free" hats. The gals in the Vet office love the sign as is - where is....we will see if the bosses wife is satisfied.

I have a friend who owns a crane business so I think moving it is do-able, just going to cost them some more.

However, the wife does like my work as has other projects for me in their house.

Thanks for the comments, it is always nerve wracking to show what you have done to people who know how this stuff is built. You can see the holes and problems. I am always trying to keep those holes and problems from showing!

All the best,


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I had a wise boss once who taught me to always say "Yes, let me figure up a number for you" to a customers change request. Then he and I would figure out the time and materials involved, then double that number in a written quote.

About 50% of these were approved by the customer!

As an aside, about 90% of these change orders were from the lady of the house.

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I called and talked to the Veternarian. He jerked my chain a bit saying the sign was leaning over in the wind. It wasn't he just wanted to give me a scare...and he did!

I asked where he wanted to move the sign to, he said he doesn't want to move the sign. He said he is going to try to distract his bride on the idea of moving the sign and maybe she will forget about wanting to move it.

She does want me to come out and design a few other pieces for their house. So more work is on its way.

All the best,

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