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I Forge Iron

Some pictures of my work

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Hello folks!

I've been lazy about posting for long enough so I thought I'll show ya all some pics of my work. First off with some candle holders.

The one with brass finish is my own design, just made it yesterday. And the two other are design from the local smithy where I was working.

All kinda comments&criticism are welcome.





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critique? ...where to start?.......well the lighting could have been better, you really need a couple of diffusers and a tripod. i wouldve gone a neutral backdrop and ct41 for back lighting, knock the apeture down to about 2.8 or 4 to hilight the subject with depth of field............oh! you mean the finely crafted, by what appears to be work from, a skilled, patient,and precise blacksmith type personage and excellently finnished, ok ill take'm, post to me, invoice to Finnr, and do it again..

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Thank you all for your kind words, I truly appreciate it.

I'll try and remember to take step by step photos of my future projects.

There are two blacksmiths at the local smithy, I was an apprentice there for eight months but then I had to return to school.

This is my last year in the local school of arts and crafts and once I graduate I'll either go instantly back to the local smithy for two year apprenticeship or,
I'll take a trip around Finland to work with and learn from several great blacksmiths I've come to know.

Sorry about the blabbering, back to the subject.

Here are some pictures from the smithy:





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Taking the time to answer questions is hardly blabbering, any more than posting pictures of your shop. There is always a certain amount of personal conversation going on here, it's how we get to know each other. Getting to know each other is the only way we have of understanding what the other means from what they say.

It's a good thing.

Here's to you and wishing you the best of fortune.


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Where you work looks really good, I prefer your design of candle sconce to the businesses candle holder. Would Finish (scuse the pun) it nicely to make some hand made nails to suit. Been to Finland once in Feb way back, reindeer pizza, nuutairvi, spelled incorrectly of course. Nice people Fins, mad and nice I liked it there.
Anyway nails decorative nails, Brass finish ..everyone to there own. I prefer boiled linseed oil, applied at black heat, so the oil lights up a little.:)

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