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Re-face an Anvil

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There are lots of ideas, some work, some don't, most are more work than they're worth unless you don't have an alternative. Refacing an anvil is one of the fastest ways to ruin one I know of. Sure, there are faster ways but few involve so much work.

How much thickness is left on the face?

Are you sure it needs repair?

How about some pics so we can base opinions on evidence?


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The traditional method was to dress the anvil and forge weld a new face on it. Takes a crew and some experience!

If you look for Rob Gunter's anvil repair method on the web say www.cvbg.org/anvilrepair699.pdf for example he gives good instructions for building up using an arc welder with information on pre/post heat and the type of rod to be used (most welders guess wrong if they don't know about anvils)

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Steam if you can show us a few photos we'll be better able to advise you. Surprisingly you don't want a pristine anvil when you're starting out -- until you get good hammer control it'll be a waste anyway. Arguably you don't want a perfectly flat, square-edged anvil at any time. As Thomas and Jerry have already pointed out the few various refacing techniques are somewhat involved and take a considerable amount of knowledge and skill. We are spoiled for choice for anvils in the UK so if you really need/want a better condition anvil it would be much cheaper to buy one.

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