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  1. Are there any tips on lighting a Coal or Coke forge please So far I have simply used a small rag soaked in oil and then built up the coal around it. I have also tried soaking the Coal in BBQ fluid and lighting it - that worked quite well too. I was interest in when I should start introducing the air (electric fan with speed control). I started adding air as soon as the fire had taken hold and seemed to get a good fire going quite soon. Once I had a good fire, I added more air I would be interested in the proper way of doing this as I am probably making you cringe
  2. I have just bought an old forge - its made of Brick, set in a steel case and has a good strong electric blower with a controlable fan speed. It seems to be full of old (spent) coke I have plenty of coal around as I have steam engines, will this do for fuel I intent to work outside with this forge
  3. Anyone got an idea how I can re-face my old Anvil - its getting a bit worn down on the top face.
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