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Newest friction folder...


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That's very good for a first attempt at file work. Good imagination too -- I haven't seen that liner pattern used before. Simple but effective.

I like the whole knife. It's one of the cleanest, most modern looking friction folders I can remember seeing. Not that the more common rustic or ornate rustic styles are bad, but this is nicely different.

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...for my Dad's 78th birthday. Applewood scales, brass liners and pins, mild steel divider. The blade was forged from a tire tool. This is my first real attempt at file work. Comments, questions and critiques welcome! Thanks for looking...bart.

I'm sorry, Bart. I can't get a pic.

Jim L.
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I am just starting out making friction folders and this is so beautiful I could weep with envy. Please tell me how you do the brass or perhaps you could post a diagrammatic sketch? I don't sell BTW. So if I imitate it would be sheer flattery.

Thanks for the encouraging words! Just my second friction folder and was kind of a seat-of-the-pants project. Brass liners were cut to rough shape with fret saw then riveted to bolsters. Next the liners/bolsters were rivet to the scale material. Finally the whole shebang was riveted together and filed/sanded to shape. Hope this helps. bart
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