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Another used ANVIL Question

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I am new to the whole smithing process and trying to gather a few decent tools to start out. I recently came across this anvil for $90. The owner says its a M&H Armitage Anvil that weighs right at 90lbs. It looks like someone has tried to clean it with a sander or something. Can this harm the anvil? Here a few pics. Hope you can help.



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Benjamin, I would buy it with the intent to use it until you find a larger one in better condition and then sell this one for a profit. It is pretty rough but as others have said you will be able to make money on it in the future. The anvils are out there you just need to be diligent in your search for them.

They didn't hurt that anvil by trying to clean it up with a sander or grinder. She is a good solid piece of wrought steel from England and unless it went through a fire it will be fine. Hit it with a hammer and if it rings you are good to go.

Buy it.

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You still have a decent thickness of face left on it and the face itself is not gouged to pieces.

Don't worry about the edges if you need a sharp corner make a hardy tool with one!

At US$1 a pound *I* would buy it and I'm notoriously cheap...

Jump on it!

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Thank's for the input! I am going to meet with the guy this thursday and take a look at it. He just sent me an e-mail stating that "there is a crack that runs along the side where the lettering and weight is. It doesn’t appear to be deep, like only millimeters deeps. Everything seems quite solid."
What would you think of this. Should that be a deal breaker? It kinda worrys me, but it is better than what I have, which is NOTHING... haha

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While typing the last section I recieved word on another Anvil
She said it was hard to read what the engravings on it but this is what she sent me.

There are some markings but the imprints may be as follows:
Horn to right -- BEST OR WEST
3rd line --hard to read. (?R?????fades out)
Horn to left -- 0-3-20 (104 pounds)
The anvil weighs 104 lbs.
Here are the pics of this mystery Anvil.

Any comments on the New Mystery ANVIL???




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Looks to be English, post 1820, in quite decent using condition since the crack is not around the hardy or horn or face areas it is probably of no importance. If it's a decent price it would make a good starter anvil. (I have been known to use damage that doesn't affect the usability of the anvil as a price negotiating point...)

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