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First Crack at a Pipe-axe

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Nice that you saved the stamping! I made a small knife once from the battered remains of a buck brothers chisel and managed to save the trademark. Probably confuse the heck out of someone 100 years from now....

BTW I did read that as First Crack-Pipe Axe and was wondering...

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Thanks, everybody. I appreciate the compliments.

that is very nice, what type of wood did you use?

It's quilted maple. Like Curly maple, but does some really cool stuff cut on the right angle. I stained it with aniline wood dye, rubbed it with linseed oil.
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Beautiful work. Was the whole thing made as one piece, or was the pipe bowl attached separately?

If one piece, did you just forge weld the barrel into a solid piece from the pipe bowl back to the blade?

I just came into possession of several old black powder rifle barrels and would like to try my hand at making some pipe axes. I'm undecided at this point whether to just use the barrels for the pipe bowls or to try and forge them out into full axes.


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It's all one piece.

I necked down the barrel at each end of what became the "eye", then flattened and forge-welded together the cutting edge. If it was an old-timey rifle-barrel, I would have then split the end and welded in a tool steel bit, but this barrel was 4140.

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How did you get the stars on the bit so refined with them being so small like that? Good job on it...Looks beautiful! The maple really sets it off

Thanks. I drilled a little pilot hole, then cut them out with a jewelers saw. Broke 1/2 dozen blades, but got there eventually.

As for the barrel, I'm not sure what it was on before it was shot out, but it was a Thompson-Center barrel and sparked like 4140 or so.
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