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Had to laugh out loud...at myself!


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My "day job" is a hospital pharmacist. One of my duties is to review the allergies of patients before dispensing any medications. It is important to know what type of reaction the patient had and this information is recorded in the computer by the nurse performing the admission assessment. A patient was admitted this evening who was allergic to penicillin. The type of reaction said "Turned bright cherry red all over". My immediate thought was "hit before you lose forging heat"! I know...sick, Sick, SICK! You might be a blacksmith if...

Have a good one...bart

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Although it is fun, we need to remember that wolfshieldrx was smart enough to handle the situation correctly. AND we need to take a moment to wish the child well, to make a full recovery, and to be a joy to his parents.

Woldshieldrx, thank you for your dedication to your profession, keeping up the infinite possibilities of interactions and the continuing education it takes to keep up with the new stuff medical science adds to the mix on a daily basis.

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Thanks for the kind words and comradarie. Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves to maintain our sanity. And, yes, I do believe the child will be fine. I have to give God credit for that...for from him comes all good things including, ultimately, the medicines I dispense. Thanks again...bart

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Heck Glenn I slipped years ago. No normalizing this old goat. ;)

You're right though, finding humor in stressful situations is a coping mechanism as is trying to lighten the mood with humor, it isn't the same as taking it lightly.

I'll be saying a word for him.


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