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I know, I know, forgive me but I'm new at this and have no one else to brag to who understands but!
I just made my first set of tongs yesterday and THEY WORK!!! :o:D;)
Showed them to my wife and even she was impressed (some what). I'm not sure though if it was because of the skill it took to make them or the fact I could make something that worked. No matter why I'm all jazzes and planning to make another this time for round stock as these have flat jaws and don't do well on the round stuff (found out the hard way). I also made 2 handles to attach to my home made rail road anvil stand so I can move it easier, which is another story. I did learned a number of lessons though on how not to do something so the next time will be better.
But, all in all it's still a blast to be banging metal and making something from nothing and I'm loving it. :D

By the way my charcoal making is a bust, tried using it and would not burn well or as hot as the store bought. But at $5:00 or $6:00 a bag I can afford that and give up charcoal making till I can start buying coal.

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Good for you! It gives one a great feeling to know that you can make something with your own two hands. You have also learned what to do and what not to do when making or using something. That is all aprt of the learning process and you will find that the more you learn and the more mistakes you make (and know what they were) the better you will get. It is addictive to say the least and from the sounds of things you are well on your way to happy hammering for some time to come. Kep it up and have FUN!


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Well done!

Let us know how long it takes that smile on your puss to fade? That's not counting the smile you'll get every time you look at it or use it, those will keep coming for a long time.

Don't give up on the charcoaling, it takes practice as well and wood selection makes a difference. Soft wood charcoal burns hotter but doesn't last as long as hardwood charcoal.


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billp, I have had 2 problems with homemade charcoal..........too wet to burn properly, due to being dowsed with water, or too many fines and ash in the charcoal clogging the air into the forge.

Either of these will cause me problems.

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I know just how you feel. Made my first pair of tongs and I have since made all of my tongs. I found that after the first my second pair was actually harder to make and I just finished a pair that will hold flat bar so that I can bend and arch along the long axis of the bar. You will keep getting better at it each time you make a pair and my third and fourth pairs of tong came together in a snap by comparison to the first. Keep beatin and have fun.

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Thanks folks
I do appreciate all who wrote, but to you Frosty my smile did kind of fade as my second set of tongs did not quite work out.:( I was trying to fit them for round stock but didn't quite work out like my instructions said. I have my own idea though and will try it out tomorrow. I also have some new equipment coming as well, :) a Centaur 2 lb. straight pein hammer as well as a Peddinghaus 2000g double face sledge. Thought about a Nordic 2lb or Diamond 2.25lb rounding hammer but they will have to wait. I also have a set of 5/16 Peddinghaus Wolfs jaws tongs coming as well a new Dayton 115v. blower I found for around $40.00. So I'll be busy installing and trying out new things tomorrow as well as fixing some others. ;)
Again Frosty you and all you other Alaskan folks best keep safe and stay frosty. That's a little far for a Tennessee boy to make a rescue trip but, if need be!!!!!!!! :cool:
Again thanks all

Oh! I almost forgot, can anyone give me an idea own how coal you may use keeping a fire going most all day. I know about charcoal but not coal just trying to figure cost.

Bill P.

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OK some have asked for pictures here are a few of what I have made. My forge, make do anvil and stand, tongs and so on. I also have one with my new blower I installed today and MAN it so beat out that hair dryer but you have to start somewhere. Oh, by the way the handles on my anvil stand I made those as well. Hope this is not to much.









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If you are looking for coal I could sell off some when I go pick up my next load. You are pretty close to me and I have friends who live in Atoka just down the street from you. I'm running really low so it shouldn't be far off. if you can wait a bit.

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That will work for me I know where Somerville is been through it several times and no problem coming to pick it up. Just let me know when I'm in no rush and how much in amount of coal, money, and what I'll need to carry it tub, box, or trailer (I drive an old Jeep Cherokee) and I'll be there.

If you don't mind me asking where do you go to get your coal? I just ordered a bag to hold me over till you go get yours and the shipping is murder. So I don't mind making a over night trip with the wife as we love trips and would be a good reason for one.

Thanks Big John
Bill P

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to add another question
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