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Peter Wright anvil

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Most folks on the forum know that I have been on a quest for a new shop anvil. Well today I found one:) It is a Peter Wright and I think it weighs in at 207lbs. It has stamped on the side Peter Wright Patent England Solid Wrought. Weight stamp reads 1 3 11 which I think equates to 207 lbs.(correct me if I'm wrong). The only other marking that I can find is an anchor stamp on the front feet. Not really as heavy as I wanted but it should do very nicely in my shop. Can someone with a copy of Anvils in America please tell me what the anchor mark represents?:confused: Thanks,

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Great Find! Your math adds up on the weight too so it is 207. Lets see some photos! Since it is marked England it is post 1915 or so as that is when they were forced to start marking them with England. I have a 180# and I love mine. Congrats!

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Mine says:

Peter Wright
Solid Wrought
and the numbers
1 2 and either 6, a 0, or C. Its hard to read.

The only other numbers I can find are on the feet on the front 2 and 2.

Anyone care to comment?

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