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Found 3 results

  1. What is the chemical composition of the steel 2cr13? And does it go by another name?
  2. I work at a forge which has a collection of old farrier tools, , masons tools, and assorted old tools, as well as a bunch of old wrought iron bars removed from a fence that's about 75 or 100 years old, I made a few fire strikers from some of the old farrier rasps. The teeth on these rasps are not all in nice precise alignment like a modern rasp so my guess is they were hand made. I heat treated to non magnetic and quenched in water. They do not generate sparks when struck with a sharp flint. I have made dozens of similar strikers using 1095 and/or modern farrier rasps and never had a problem, I ran a couple of tests. I made quarter inch notches on either side of a two inch wide rasp and then fully hardened it. I tried breaking it on the anvil with no success so I put it in a vice and tried to break it using a four pound hammer, I could not break it, It was not at all brittle, just behaved like a well tempered spring. Most of these will harden well, but rarely will any of them generate sparks. Does anyone know what they might be made of ? Thanks PS I have used mystery metal occasionally and get consistent results. Almost always bad. .
  3. So I was lucky to get just under a dozen of these cheapo chipping hammers from WELDMATE. These are chinese made, and simply stamped into shape. They are soft enough that a file bites relatively easily into the tip. So I don't think that they're quality high carbon. But they're not soft either and they hold their tips relatively well. I was able to forge one of them into a pretty decent spear head. I haven't tried hardening any yet just cause of time and not having access to any flame since the holidays. So I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with these things before? Worth harding and using for tool bits? or just for ornamental stuff? Any clue as to what the composition is? I'll attach three pictures. The last one will be of the spear head I made out of one of them. Thanks
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