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  1. Merci Yves. haha funny suggestions. I will most likely end up making a terrarium with these eventually. But a large lamp wouldn't be so bad. even an electric one with a nice sand or pebble pattern inside.
  2. Picked it up today. Really nice guy. Also got a nice little squirrel cage blower along with the big one. The guy started telling me his story and a bunch of old jokes. He said he used to be a welder in his youth. Now he's retired so he gave me his old leather apron as a gift. Only things I'll have to work on. 1- make a circuit regulator to give in an adjustable speed for the motor(right now it's only one speed which is really too strong) 2- Open her up to clean her. But it has a piece of pipe brazed on the outtake. I'll have to cute that off before I can open her. all in all great experience. :)
  3. Cool thanks. Keep us updated on these operations. It would be great to have someone on our continent that imports these beauties.
  4. LastRonin. I live in Quebec Canada. A little far from alabama in my opinion :D. And these are big btw. about 2 1/2 feet tall. Solid thick glass. I appreciate all of your mead recipes hahaha. I might make some for friends but I'm sober so it won't be much use for me :lol:
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'll give him a call tomorrow. another option I was considering was to make my own blower with these plans. http://gingerybookstore.com/product36.html I'll post an update if I end up getting it. thanks
  6. So I have this guy selling a motor powered blower very close to where I live. I'm just wondering if it's worth 150 dollars or if it's too much. I just don't ever see any of these around where I live so it's a rare occasion. And I have nothing to use yet other than a shop vac with a brake drum(I know it's pathetic) http://qc.kijiji.ca/c-acheter-et-vendre-outils-outils-electriques-souflerie-W0QQAdIdZ466226566 I translated the ad for you guys. Nice Big blower. Buffalo Forge. For whatever usage, cooling something, machine or other power a forge fire, or or or... New motor 1/3 110/220 volts, very rare, very inexpensive at this price. I tried with a big pipe in my fireplace passing the air into the fire,,, too strong. So if you have any advice I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
  7. So I have a few wine jugs. Know as Dame Jeanne where I live. Now I've sold a few. But I basically can't get rid of them. So now I'm thinking that they might be useful in the shop. I just don't know quite how. Maybe cut it in half to use as a water bucket? What would you do with a couple of these guys? Or do I just throw them in the garden?
  8. It would be a dream to get a piece of art like this in the shop. How much would one of those mid sized(roughly 300 lb) ones cost? And wouldn't the shipping cost nearly as much as the anvil? That's an insane amount of weight.
  9. Speaking as a beginner, I am constantly surrounded by craftsmen that have years and decades of experience above me. And as a result of this, everything I do, I compare to their work. It is always a hard goal to meet, but I won't be happy until I meet the standards they have set. How can I consider my work good enough if it pales in comparison to the standard? So good enough for me is when I can do the same or better than the masters and my teacher. Sometimes that's not possible, but then that's just not good enough is it?
  10. I have no proper answer to that other than the fact that the aim was to get a final product that looks the way that I want it to. For my costs and access to equipment, the removal was the easiest for me to do in my current situation. I could have simply bought a 200 pound block of steel or buy a real anvil for that matter, but the goal was making something and having fun.
  11. Alright Update!! So I got the rough shape cut out for 40 bucks. Goin to have a to do a lot of welding and grinding to bring it to it's final shape but I'm super happy with it.
  12. Okay so I have a slightly unusual question. I am right handed and I've been welding and doing metal work for about 2 years now and I just went to get a professional massage the other day. The masseuse made a remark how my right arm and shoulder muscles are larger than my left side. It's not very noticeable yet but with extended working especially blacksmithing, I'm afraid I'm just going to get a overly strong right arm and a weak left arm. The left side still has to hold tight and my forearm and hand muscles are quite strong but I just use very different muscle groups on both arms. Do I just do some left arm dumbell lifts when I get home at the end of the day? How should I counteract this?
  13. I'd go for a nice Yellow for sure. With that nice pattern but the copper might not show that well in the yellow. Is there any way you could stain the inlay grooves beforehand maybe a black or brown? That might highlight around the copper and make it pop a little more.
  14. Did you preheat your surface before welding? And how many passes thick was that? And how many rods did that end up costing you in the end?
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