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    Ashkum. Il.
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    My son and I have a pretty fair size metal working shop(no working forge yet}. Also woodworking.
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    cornshelling and fixing stuff
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    Own and drive a semi truck is my day job and a little bit of farming

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  1. My philosophy is you ain't gonna learn any younger so you might as well get started! Armand
  2. With a high table you will want to have the top of your floor a foot to 18 inches above grade to avoid some of the problems listed above. Armand
  3. Good beginning for a low heavy duty striking vise so don't fix the leg.. You will never regret it! I have a vise with a short leg and that is what I plan to use it for. I have 2 or 3 complete vises for standard duty vise work so I can use the one with the damaged leg for a low striking vise. See Brian brazeal's discussion on buidding a striking vise and you will understand what we are talking about. By the way I may not have spelled Brian's last name right. If so sorry Brian! Armand
  4. What is a faro machine? Any pictures? Thank you. Armand
  5. Jwill: Could please post a picture or two of your anvil/vise please? Thank you > Armand
  6. Farmall: How many CD's it take to hold 9 MB's? I would like to transfer that information to a disc as soon as I download it. Thank you for your help and information. Armand
  7. Anyone have any information about this show/meeting/demo. Any pre registration required? Thank you for any information. Armand
  8. I would take shiny over rusty any day! You spent all that time and energy to bring that anvil back to life so let live with its shiny glory. With any kind of use at all I would to think it will stay shiny. Armand
  9. Matt K. Would it be possible to post a picture of the vise? to the right of your anvil and wood stand in picture number 2 and some information about it? Thankyou. Armand
  10. Thankyou for the pictures of the door. Other than the bi-fold doors That are cable lift on the inside the doors that I have seen like yours use hydraulic cylinders to lift them. This door is the first one I have seen with a cable lift. Thanks again! Armand
  11. Could we see a picture or two of the hanger door? Like your forge/tatle/vise mount. Thank you Armand.
  12. Working with cub scouts I would have kept both small forages so as to get as many people involved as possible. Also keeping the small one means you don't have to fire the big one if you only needed a small.fire for a short time. Also you woud have three forages if you hosted a hammer-in. Consider all thoughts and possibiles before giving away to much. Armand
  13. Why did you ruin a perfectly good anvil as opossed to making a fabricated anvil seeing as you added so much more steel to the anvil? Why not use all salvaged steel and still have a useable anvil for hand forge work? Armand
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