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  1. I am building a forge with a mild steel box, I has a 3/8" bottom and the sides are made from 1/8" plate and its about 20" square by 4" deep. I am thinking about putting a layer of refractory cement about 1" thick around the sides and bottom, Will this be thick enough? Can I use the cement you can get at Home Depot that comes in 1/2 gallon buckets? Thanks for any help. Casey
  2. I found out this is the same company that made Parker shotguns, which are very expensive when you can find them. Later on they were bought out by Remington. Casey
  3. I was over at my Aunt's house and she asked me If I wanted a old vise my Uncle had, Well being the tool junkie I am of course I said yes. It a Parker from the 30-40's, I am debating weather to sand blast it and repaint it or leave it in its original patina. I have it apart to clean it up and lube it, what I like about it is it has smooth jaws, I work with a lot of aluminum and and brass. Casey
  4. New guy here, I need to make a stand for my anvil and it is hard to find big logs here. what would be a good alternative, I had thought about getting some Burke tube [thick cardboard round form] about 14-16" in diameter and filling it full of concrete about 1" from the top. after it sets I would set my anvil on it and pour it full of quickcrete to form around the base of the anvil to keep it from moving around. before the first pour had set I would have put in some all thread for anchors and make some straps to hold the anvil. I would also stick a few pieces of 3/8" all thread in the side t
  5. I wont say I'm newbie to blacksmithing but I dont know a lot, I was working with this Russian named Boris when he came to the shop I used to work at, [universal Brass] He was a master blacksmith. This was in the late 90's, he got xxxxxx xxx at the guy running the shop and moved to San Diego but I learned a little working with him. He had a 100lb "Little Giant" power hammer that would do a days work, I made a few sets of custom door handles with it, I was the Brake and shear guy in the shop for 10 years and then I started running the waterjet machine it was a lot of fun, I also did some machin
  6. Hi my name is Casey and I live in Las Vegas. I am tring to set up a small Blacksmith shop in my back yard to make knives and do some other blacksmith work, I am in the process of building a forge... The base is made from 3/8" plate and the sides are 1/8" plate, I am using a fan motor from a air hockey table I got off of E-bay, same with the tuyere. I am tring to find a hand crank fan but have not found one yet. I am looking for a foot switch to turn the fan off and on so I dont need to use my hands. I was thinking about lining it with refractory cement, do you think it needs it? I have
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