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  1. Hi everyone, I have done a ton of lurking, searching, and general google searches and up till now Ive had no luck with my question. I have a forge I built before I retired it is basicly a square box 24" X 24" and 4" deep. The air feeds from the bottom via a 6" pipe and a squrill fan repurposed from a central air unit. I can post some pictures tommorow but its already dark here. My question is; because I went a little larger than i needed to on the actual box size would I benifit from using clay or refactory cement to form a smaller more concentrated cone in the center of the forge? I have looked at a ton of designs both flat bottom boxes like mine and the traditional more cone shape. Think it's worth the time and effort? It works great now as is. I just can't help but wonder if I am mising out on something even better. Thanks in advance for any advise.
  2. Perfect! They have coal for 10.50 per 100 pounds. Gonna go get a load in the morning. Woot!
  3. I got a line on a free furnace blower going to get it this weekend. I will have to do a bit of duct work but that's no issue I will post some pics when I get done.
  4. I have looked and tried a few old buddy resources for a pickup load of coal in alabama around birmingham with no luck. Anyone here know a local supplier?
  5. Yeah I need to attain welding heat when I want it quick. How much can I expect a decent centrifugal fan to set me back?
  6. +1 for jb weld and press fit combo, I don't know of any thermal process the will join aluminum and steel. I am Making the huge assumption that w1 refers to a steel rod....
  7. Ok so I got all of the parts cut out for my forge today. The fire pot is four inches deep Eighteen Inches long and fourteen inches wide. It is bottom fed and the ash/air pipe is six inches in diameter. The air pipe is three inches in diameter the firebox is one half inch thick. So we are talking a rather beefy design. Yes it's overkill but the materials were free so I can't argue. My question Is one of CFM or whatever common size metric is used for fans and bellows. This is to be my main daily use forge and I want to be able to use it for any size job I may decide to tackle. I had a forge with bellows and found a fairly high degree of control could be had but it's quite a bit of extra motion when working alone. Any suggestions on a squirrel fan size?
  8. Well sir if you make that puppy bounce around you have done something. Great work, that will be an heirloom for sure.
  9. Thomas you are absolutely right, trust me if I had paid for what I did as an outside customer $2800.00 for a new anvil would be cheap. I milled the top down about 0.200 to remove the heat affected zone from the oxy-fuel cut. Also the material cost would have been a little over a dollar a pound (our cost) about 1.75 per pound cut (your price). then include an hour or two of machine time on the mill yeah its ugly. One of my perks for working here is the occasional government job. I live three houses down from a volunteer fire department and that is an option for quenching, I just like to do things myself when ever possible.
  10. Yeah and how many folks have caught fish already fried?
  11. You know, nothing says I have to do the heat treating at home. I can easily go to the Cahaba river use a pulley on a limb with some 1/2" cable and dunk it after it reaches temp, and yes I will video if I go that way. This is gonna take one heck of a fire to get up to temp, followed by some well placed cursing and a monster steam cloud. I am liking the way this sounds more and more......
  12. I must admit to not having done due diligence yet regarding hardening large hunks of steel. The oil was free and I needed the drums. But if water will produce a better result, I have no objections.
  13. I live in central Alabama south of Birmingham. You know sadly I passed a scale on the way to the truck when I made it and never slowed down. The theoritical weight comes to 350 pounds, that should be really close.
  14. Yeah it will harden out to about 52 rockwell ©. So far I have only done the fab work I have to pick up a load of coal before I can harden it. Its 30 inches long and about 13.875 high. I still need to finish the polish on the horn and break the edges on the top. I also need to round up a couple of helper to get it out of the forge and into the oil bath. I have picked up 100 gallons of used oil for a quench bath. That's puppy's gonna smoke like nobodies business when I quench it.
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