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  1. Before and after of some of this weekend's work. Rail spike steak flipper, rail spike bottle opener, a door handle concept to show to a potential customer, and I also modded an $8.50 HF hammer into a straight peen. I gotta say, drawing a rail spike out to 20" is not an easy thing to do by hand.
  2. Hello, I appreciate the acceptance to the forum. I have lurked for a while and figured it was time to join up. I am located near Athens, GA. I spent several years in the Service, and now I am an Mech. Engineer at an aluminum casting plant. I have some working knowledge of refractories and furnace construction, which should translate well into forge building. I have been blacksmithing for about two years, but not consistently. I got into smithing through another hobby; I used to do some traditional woodworking, then decided I wanted to be able to make my own tools. I had the privilege of taking a class at the Southern Blacksmith Association Conference in Madison GA in 2019. I'm not nearly skilled enough to make good tools yet, but I am focusing on building my skills by making lots of hooks and other small projects. I am interested in other metalworking; I do some welding and fabrication, as well as some copper work. I'm not really a knife guy, my interests lie in tools, hardware, cookware, and decorative elements. I'm not planning on making a livable wage from this, but I would like to do one or two vendor events per year. Right now, I give away most of the stuff I make. Thank you to the admins for the work you put into this site, I have already gotten plenty of value from the information and discussions here. If there is anyone in the Athens GA area, I'd love to hear from you, and maybe meet up sometime to trade stock and/or make cool stuff.
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