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  1. Huh, that was the only one I could find that was in the $6 range and they wanted $120 CAD per brick in shipping charges.
  2. Are we talking these Mikey?
  3. I saw your post in the forge thread and googled it. I assume you mean the site that has a relationship with the 40 thieves and I only saw what looked like tubes of it there?
  4. Those sound neat. I'm struggling to map in my mind what they will do.
  5. It's not strictly on topic but I wanted to touch on this, I ended up taking the course over the weekend and he is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. I've signed up for the next one too, didn't strictly help my forge heat but man did it educate me on a lot of basics around technique. Really appreciate you pointing me in that direction Swede. Deimos, that looks great.
  6. I was working K-12 IT during the time and could have made triple my salary if I wanted to go work those jobs as people who could count and show up reliably were even more prized but I had absolutely no interest in going back to that kind of work after I stopped apprenticing. I'd have ended up with a massive cocaine habit just to stay awake I can picture it. I felt for the guys doing it but so many of them were wildly irresponsible with the money so when things tanked in 2008 most of them lost almost everything.
  7. Yeah I was a volunteer firefighter from 2005-2008 during the boom here and the amount of oilfield workers that got killed just going to and from the site was staggering. Working 16 hour days then drive 2 hours each way, get 3 hours sleep and go back out. The worst one I know of was the guy who ran a stop side and got creamed by a logging truck, his legs stayed in the drivers seat and his torso was now in the passenger seat. Thankfully I missed that call.
  8. I found that yesterday conveniently enough, I see their is an intro blacksmithing course tomorrow starting so I'm going to see if I can get myself into that. Looks like he is teaching it so good opportunity to learn some stuff while I get my tools and gear sorted out.
  9. When I hear Americans talk about doing well site work it terrifies me, even as lax as we can be we'd get shut down doing the things our guys in Pecos talk about doing. We have/had a site in Dickinson North Dakota and my network minion has gone a couple times and we're just amazed at how much they got away with that we'd get pinned to the wall for. The safety standards seem to be lower than the ones I worked with in the 90's here in Alberta, and we're pretty half assed by Canadian standards.
  10. I was being conversational, but thank you for the condescending response. It really makes me want to participate in this forum. That makes sense, lot of it became swampers up here (Basically grunts who climbed under the platform to do manual labour) and was a favourite of high school drop outs who wanted a lifted truck and a cocaine problem. It's interesting the terms, I worked with some geologists here in the late 90's and never heard the term used.
  11. I worked as a Millwright apprentice for 2 years 20 years ago so know exactly how bad those roads are, a corvette at all on those is asking for it. I'm not familiar with what a Mudlogger is though, not a term I've heard before.
  12. I know my cheapo channel locks are not great for this so gotta learn some skills quick to learn to build some tongs.
  13. Learn something new every day. I grew up with race horses so I'm familiar to a degree with various farrier bits and terminologies that don't quite overlap either. Plus side the neighbour had no issue with me getting the 2 coil springs he pulled out when lowering his wifes SUV for who knows what reason. Edit: Relevant question, I have 2 pieces of refractory board I'm planning to make doors out of, I assume I will want to rigidize and coat them in refractory too? They seem like they will have the same fibre problem the wool does.
  14. Gotcha, thanks. I think I can see what you mean about them being challenging to use.
  15. My only knowledge of reins is around horses... I feel like that's not an accurate interpretation.
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