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  1. Thanks JLP! I have 2 10" straight rods now. I'll practice on drawing them out as wide as I can and maintain 3/16-1/8". I have a new hammer on order and should be coming in soon. Andrew
  2. Looking good Twigg. I have most of my materials on hand. I'm planning on starting the build next weekend. Thank you for the pictures! Andrew
  3. Yes, very good job Twigg! I'll be building one or more of these soon enough. So the more I understand, the better. Andrew
  4. Thanks for the pictures Twigg!! Your last photo raises a question... In several videos and other forums I found that many say the tip should only protrude about half way through the Tee to generate more air flow. Are you planning on leaving the tip that long or cutting it off at some point? Thanks Andrew
  5. Following this thread. Please post pictures. Thanks. Andrew
  6. I hung on to the old head. I think I can get a decent hammer head out of it once I address the flaws. While many years ago, I have spent days with a framing hammer in hand. I know how tired swinging 20oz hammers can be. I don't know what style I will end up with, but the local open forge has several to test out. In all, you guys have given great advice. Thank you.
  7. Well, my freebie hammer is a bust. 1. The handle was loose, so I took it out side and hit a piece of concrete and it broke. The last 4 inches were wrapped in electrical tape so I couldn't see it. Inside the eye was dry rotted as well. 2. I put the head on the belt grinder to start with the flat face to true it up and found 2 cracks about 1/4" into the main body at opposing edges. I threw the handle in the trash. Then I wanted to put the hammer head in with it but decided I could clean it up and remove some metal to make it usable when I have a few hours to work on it. I'
  8. Thanks for all the advice. I found several videos on dressing hammers and looking mine....so many nicks and out of shape. I will take that on as my project for tonight. I'll post some pictures before and after. As for the round stock, I know it won't be an easy project and I plan to add more to my scrap bucket before I product any decent results. But the metal was free and I have lots of it. My initial plan is to take it to the forge and get it straight, hammer it roughly 1/4" x whatever I have left, and then see where I can take it from there. I'll also take a length and try to get
  9. Thanks guys! I cut off 2 10" lengths and plan to take them to the local open forge night to start working on them. Can you explain "properly rounded cross peen hammer"? Or if there is a place for how to dress your hammers? I have a gifted cross peen hammer with a loose handle and is roughly 4lbs. One side of the flat face looks crushed like they used it to hammer on something cold and hard for way too long.
  10. I apologize if this is the wrong place. I have 2 new in the box coil springs from Moog. They are painted black and not powder coated which makes life easier. The spring is 5/8" in diameter. So, my question...how large does the diameter need to be to draw out a 1.5" wide blade? Will 5/8" be enough? Using math... The area of a rectangle of .125" x 1.5" is 0.19 (l x w) The area of a circle of .625 / 2 (.3125) is 0.31 (Pi x radius squared) So, if I can flatten it without drawing out the length and just draw out the width, the math suggests it is possible. It
  11. Mostly curious because I have seem prices out here in AZ and they seem certifiably insane for trying to sell junk at $8/lb. No, I'm not interested in having one shipped from NJ. LOL
  12. Thanks for the advice Gents! While visiting my dad, I noticed he had some coil springs new in the box that he never used on his GTO. He was going to pitch them. I now have 2 full coil springs just waiting for me. Those should make some knives, tools, or whatever when I get to straightening them out.
  13. Just curious, how much are you asking?
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome. My first computer was an Apple IIe with the green screen and dual 5.25" floppy disk drives. I loved the amber monitors on the dumb terminals in college! I bought 2 x 24" lengths of .25" x 2" 80CrV2 and I have some mild steel to practice with. I am also going to make a trip to a local junk yard to see if they have any leaf springs for cheap to play with. While I wait for my materials and new tools, I'm watching more videos, went to a local open forge night where I met some awesome people, and working on my welding and fabrication skills. The open forge
  15. Hi guys and thank you for all the awesome information. I have been a carpenter, mechanic, landscaper, health care worker, and finally found a passion for IT work. But I was looking for a new hobby to get outside more and off the computer. I like working with metal and just purchased some basic tools. I think I have enough materials for about 6 small knives and plan on starting with small skinners using stock removal for now. I'm currently renting while our new house is being built and the garage is packed with lots of boxes and flammable material so forging isn't in the cards at the momen
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