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  1. I'll take a pic when I'm at my shop next, it'll be a few days but I won't forget!
  2. Actually my grandpa was a cobbler in holland, and a car salesman, and tinkerer here in Edmonton. I actually have the old cobblers anvil that he also brought from holland.
  3. I did a heat treat for one reasons, that being that I was dumb and didn't cool the faces while grinding them down and lost the temper, I heated the flat hot enough while grinding to bring it to light blue, was probably close to 625 degrees. Lesson learned, keep your tools cool!
  4. The wool lining is 8# kaowool rated to 2600 degrees (rebranded to a different name because Canada) and it is coated with an itc-100 like coating, that's what I was told at any rate, I know there it a hard refractory cement cast on the bottom but I know nothing about what type of refractory it is.
  5. My grandma passed away a year and a half ago and as part of the estate I inherited some of my grandpa's old tools. Among them was an approximately 6 lb ball peen in really rough condition I had been debating. I had been toying with the thought or restoring it but wasn't sure if I should, well this week I decided to do it and to use it as part of my smithing tool chest. It was rusted to xxxx and both faces were is horrible condition so three hours of grinding and polishing later, and after heat treating ( I heated each face to non-magnetic then quenched in mineral oil heated to 130, and did two tempering cycles of 1.5 hrs at ~450) it has been handled and now looks beautiful and feels amazing! I should also mention that this hammer came to Canada from holland with my grandpa and grandma back in the 50's and I believe it was hand forged.
  6. Well I had a few hours in the shop today and wanted to work on making a pair of bolt tongs, I looked at a few plans online and watched a few videos then gave it a shot! I didn't have any 3/4" square stock so these started from 1/2" square. They are a little thin in a few parts and a bit lopsided and I don't expect that they will hold up for a long time, but I made them and I learned a great deal in the process. What do you all think? I should also mention that this is the second pair of tongs I have ever made, the first were so ugly and wobbly that can't really use them, these new ones don't wobble at all! Yay me
  7. If you want a solid forge that is made in Canada and would likely be much cheaper, you should check out Front Step Forge, it is an Edmonton based forge. I don't have one of these forges but I have used one and they are very nice.
  8. I had a similar experience at the place I bought my regulator from. I told them it would be for a propane burner running at about 60000-80000 btu, and would be used for medium duty work about 3-4 hours a few times a week (don't tell them you are building a forge, they will likely stop helping you). When you get your regulator make sure you get the appropriate ACME or POL connector for the flow rating, the guys at the propane supplier will know which one is best, I ended up with a high flow connector (both ACME and POL connect to normal propane tanks). You should be able to google "propane suppliers" and your location to give you a few different options near(ish) you. As for the gauge, I would recommend getting it at the same place, lpg can be quit corrosive so a gauge designed for lpg use is good, also make sure and valves you use are likewise rated for use with propane.
  9. Well I'm doing it for myself regardless of what others want, so there is that I do have a pirated copy of Mike's book and have read most of Ron Reil's articles. I guess I just like having as much info as easily at hand as possible
  10. Frosty, I was being sarcastic lol. I have about 3/4 of this thread picked through and half of the forges 101 and most of the t burner thread picked through and in 3 different word documents, once I have gone through all three I was thinking of compiling them into a single word document and with your and Mikey's approval as well as a few other peoples would like to post it on IFI for anyone to download and print / read for everyone's benefit.
  11. @Frosty I haven't done that at all ... nope not me ... Well in all fairness I haven't printed it out ... yet
  12. You could write another book hehe
  13. @Mikey98118 Thank you for that explanation, you are as ever a wealth of knowledge!
  14. Thanks for the reply and info! I love this site, I learn more every time I come on it and people are very helpful.
  15. @Frosty Have you ever experimented with putting baffles (not sure if that is the correct term) on the openings of your T burners to help further tune them?