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  1. Imagine the hammer I'd need lol
  2. Playing around with heat colors
  3. So I took the 2 stacks of 9 quarters I Welded at the end of my last thread and welded them together and made this billet. I think this is probably the coolest thing i can do in my little micro forge, but bigger things are on the horizon.
  4. Finished that and welded up 2 more stacks, this stuff is addictive.
  5. Did a quick etch in straight muriatic watching it the whole time. Dumped it in the pool when i liked the look lol.
  6. So where can i find information on comparative metal etching rates. In this case specifically copper and nickel
  7. Well i already have muriatic acid on hand and im not squeamish about chemicals whatsoever so do I dilute it or use it straight? And any reccomendations on time?
  8. That's what i was thinking too. What would be the best way, ferric chloride?
  9. If you actually look at the photo album on that link which details the construction of that forge they most definitely satanited the crap out of that kaolwool. but I definitely appreciate all advice and I'm married to any particular idea yet. I just think it's a pretty neat forge lol.
  10. oh ok the one i was looking at ia actually a saw ammo can, they're 6 3/4 wide. I was looking at this build
  11. Yes and it's in the works, planning on a 50cal ammo can forge in the near future. I figure that size should serve my needs for a good long while until I'm good enough to make swords. So yeah a good loooong while lol. And definitely need a heavier anvil like object or if i get lucky an actual anvil. The little piece of plate I'm using now is way too light for much beyond jewelry sized work.
  12. When i have a forge large enough to accommodate a clamp I'll use a clamp lol, for now with the tiny one i can barely get a tall enough stack of quarters for a pendant sized billet as it is.