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  1. Thanks for pointing that out. I've been so busy I hadn't even noticed.
  2. Here are some additional photos. No identifying marks that I can see. It appears one foot is a little broken. What in your opinion would be a can't pass up price?
  3. Thanks much. I spent way too much at last year's quad state
  4. Daswulf, I appreciate your advice. If rebound is decent, what kind of range would you say is reasonable? $200-300 or somewhere above $400?
  5. A friend of mine (non-blacksmith) found this anvil in a barn. It is 158 lbs but has no apparent identification marks. Can anyone discern from these pictures what brand/maker it might be? He wants to sell it to me and I have no idea what the value is. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide. Hibby
  6. That looks like a lot of work
  7. Wayne, how is the Metrikote applied? Is it powdered and you mix it with water?
  8. This is the same forge I purchased. I mainly use 1 burner in it and have refractory bricks filling up the void where the 2nd burner would be hitting so I have effectively made it a smaller single burner. I am brand new to this so I haven't yet done anything that I felt I needed both burners on.
  9. Thanks. I’ll take these points into consideration.
  10. Steamboat - that's a great restoration. I have been looking for wheels (and brackets) like yours to weld onto my post vise stand. Did you make the brackets or purchase them? Any idea what I should be googling to find them? Thanks much. Hibby
  11. Hibby

    Show me your vise

    Sorry, I thought this was ‘show me your vise’. 5-1/2” jaws 80 lb either 17.5” or 41” post (not sure where to measure) i paid $200 and think I did ok. In any event, I’m very pleased with it.
  12. Hibby

    Show me your vise

    Here’s mine. I picked it up at Quad State 2018. It’s an Indian Chief from Columbus Forge & Tool in 1903. I built the stand but the vise was in good clean shape when I got it. There must have been over 100 of them to choose from. A great place to shop.
  13. I’m in east central Ohio - closest towns are Newark, Thornville, Hebron, Heath. I’m about 30 miles east of Columbus. I’ll look into wraba. I’ve taken a class at the Southern Ohio School of Blacksmithing. I’m scheduled for another. I’m just looking to hook up with other folks and learn all I can.