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  1. I covered everything with metrikote... about 4 coats. Didn’t fret the very top outside bits of fiber board. I figured/guessed That those bits didn’t need much as the forge lid would cover it up. Most of the metrikote on top went into the cracked part. But sides, bottom, and top (lid) got about 4 coats; the top bit of the sides got about 2 coats, except for the cracked parts which got a lot more. I used about a pint in total.
  2. the fire brick the forge is sitting on? I wasn't going to they're just there to add some separation. forge site on fire bricks, the fire brick(s) sit on an old backhoe bucket.
  3. good to know! probably will not get to full heat until weekend, having trouble getting everything aligned properly. also attached post-metrikote pic. really appreciate the help; one of these days i’ll know enought to begin to ask semi-intelligent questions.
  4. That's what I was thinking. Ran it very low for about 10 minutes. hoping to get another 'low power' run in this evening for 15-20 minutes. that should make everything is dry and cured.
  5. Thanks for the Replies and help! Applied the metrikote yesterday evening. assuming 24 hour cure time, I can put the forge back together tonight and see what happens. I really do appreciate all the help.
  6. After reading this thread:, I contacted Wayne to get some metrikote, it arrived yesterday (Thanks Wayne!). This is a Majestic Forge 3 burner "knife maker deluxe" and this is what I found when I got it opened up to paint with metikote. The Question is.. Do I need to re-line this forge given all the cracks in the insulation material, or just paint it?. It feels a bit like very dense polystyrene (Styrofoam) and is about 1 1/4" thick, 1 inch at top around burner ports. the bottom seems to be firebrick. thanks