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  1. I ended up redoing this one... Again. In the meantime, I built a small ammo can forge that's 125 cubic inches. I axed the 3/4" burners I was trying to use, picked up the proper ward fittings to make 1/2" sidearm burners, added another burner in between the two so now its a three burner design. I also tore out all the refractory I used, except the wool, and did that all over again. I'm thinking of using kiln shelving as a floor for protection as well as decreasing over all inner dimensions. It got hot enough as it was, but it wasn't right. I have just a couple of things t
  2. Right you are Frosty. I can't ever seem to leave well enough alone, which is why my old Harley chopper spends as much time on the lift as it does the road, if not more. The huffing is the friction I was worried about undoubtedly, slowing the stream down. That was with solid "baffles" no? Wonder what would happen with, say, a fine metal kitchen strainer cut and shaped into a spiral that fit inside the mixing tube?
  3. Thanks everyone, it sure beats that railroad track you see sitting on the bottom shelf of the cart underneath the forges. Speaking of the track, thinking about setting that up on its end and grinding out a brazeal style inspired anvil for drawing curves and cutting.
  4. Guy on Craigslist had some 8.5" round stock drops for sale, picked up a 16" piece weighing over 250 pounds... For $50. Found the stump while walking through the neighborhood sitting out by the curb for heavy garbage pick up the following day, knocked on the door and the lady said I could take it. Thing was about as heavy as the steel drop was. Set the drop into the stump about an inch and a half, set it with gorilla wood glue. It ain't going ANYWHERE. Good score I think.
  5. You're two steps ahead of me Frosty, I came to that exact conclusion, came to post it, and you had just typed your last response. I'm gonna go look at my torch pile in the garage now.
  6. When I said pool, I was speaking of "k style " baffles, which are an older design that Hiram Maxam (the patented inventor of the gun silencer, and the car muffler as it were) used in his original design. I apologize for not specifying that. That baffle system is a series of stacked cones with a hole through the very center which allows the projectile to pass through, and also the gasses to move from one chamber to the other, slowing the explosive gas and mixing it with a colder and contained atmosphere. I now remember reading that you had tried steel wool already, so I'll disregard
  7. Wait a moment... How would packing the mixing tube with stainless wool fair?
  8. That makes total sense actually, I wasn't even thinking of a ribbon burner when I posted that, much less the NARB. Exciting times. K style baffles might work, but I am somewhat concerned about pooling of propane in the tube. Monolith style baffles should alleviate this.
  9. It feels as though a conflict of personalities has the potential to stalemate what could be a good idea. This reminds me of another industry of which I've invested a large amount of time and money, the firearms industry, more so specifically, the SUPPRESSOR industry. Before any anti gunner rolls their eyes, hear me out. Suppressors, or silencers as their patent is actually called, use baffles of various sorts to expand, slow down, and cool off, explosive gases before they're launched into the outside atmosphere, which is part of which makes gunshots non hearing safe. T
  10. 70 is way, way, WAY high. Like, 10 times too high.
  11. Ok, so mini side arm burner, 2" inswool, 1/4" hymor castable refractory, 1/4" plistex. Seems to work well. Ammo can gets hot but nothing to be alarmed about. Questions, comments, concerns?
  12. Action shots coming, 122 cubic inches of awesomess. Excited about this little guy.
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