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  1. TwoCreative Forge

    Show me your vise

    This is one of two I have. It is my largest.
  2. TwoCreative Forge

    I found this Hay Budden being used as a ballast on an Orchard Tractor in Dallas, Oregon

    This was a $35 farm find in Oregon.
  3. TwoCreative Forge

    Mousehole 4.jpg

  4. TwoCreative Forge

    Lots of buffing on this old guy.

  5. TwoCreative Forge


    Shop shot
  6. TwoCreative Forge


    Street Fair Fodder
  7. TwoCreative Forge


    Always good for a smile. My favorite flower.
  8. TwoCreative Forge


    Very nice!
  9. TwoCreative Forge

    What are these for

    I have a lot of tools and jigs around that I made just for one specific job to catch an angle or reach a shape that I need. When I die and they sort it out the person tasked with this will have no idea. A few of those may be like that?
  10. TwoCreative Forge

    Riveted Fireplace Screen Doors

    Holy cow! Jeremy K That is beautiful work.
  11. TwoCreative Forge

    Fireplace set 001.JPG

    I just finished this fireplace set that I started two years ago, prior to my PD diagnosis. I built the broom handle and mailed it to a third generation broom maker to weave the broom around my handle. It took him months due to age and illness but he got it back to me. I can relate. It's good to be back at the forge, even on a smaller scale.
  12. TwoCreative Forge

    Fireplace set 001.JPG