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  1. This is one of two I have. It is my largest.
  2. TwoCreative Forge


    Shop shot
  3. TwoCreative Forge


    Street Fair Fodder
  4. Always good for a smile. My favorite flower.
  5. I have a lot of tools and jigs around that I made just for one specific job to catch an angle or reach a shape that I need. When I die and they sort it out the person tasked with this will have no idea. A few of those may be like that?
  6. Holy cow! Jeremy K That is beautiful work.
  7. I just finished this fireplace set that I started two years ago, prior to my PD diagnosis. I built the broom handle and mailed it to a third generation broom maker to weave the broom around my handle. It took him months due to age and illness but he got it back to me. I can relate. It's good to be back at the forge, even on a smaller scale.
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