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  1. Thanks for the kind comments The people I gave it to are currently displaying it in the local banks to try and get interest and greater participation in the event. Some businesses buy a table and have a theme in which they compete for the prize of best table. The person who invited me to join them at their table is having a Native American theme. If I am able I am thinking of making a spear or arrows for them. Something I haven't done but I enjoy trying to do new things.
  2. Just finished with a Birdbath I am donating to a fundraiser for our local County Fair. I started this a year ago working on the flowers. I had decided to try to do this Hummingbird and Morning Glory theme by a table done by George Bennet.???? (I should have looked upbefore posting. Sorry if I am wrong) Tryed about two different styles of base and couldn't make myself see how the vines and flowers would work. Finally settled on this tree type base. It was fun to learn how to make the flowers a couple different ways. The pipe flowers were a little more realistic but I like the ones made from 3/4 solid. The bowl is one I bought from Amazon. Not quite what I wanted but The wife thought it worked.
  3. Welcome Ray Carpenter is from Ames, IA. His website is---www.forgedtwosix.com Haverhill is near Marshaltown.
  4. Usually do a piece for our local county fair fundraiser. Last year I did a wine rack and the year before a copper rose. This year I had decided to do a bird bath with a morning glory theme but I just couldn't get my head around it. Started a couple times and stopped--not happy with the way it looked. May have been the bowl just didn't go with what I wanted to do. The better half thought I should go ahead with a different bowl. Well in the middle of this after making several morning glory blooms similar to the ones made by William Bennet I saw an Iris made by Dorthy Stiegler in a newsletter of the Blacksmiths Guild of the Potomac. Had to try to make one. After a couple trys and and a disassembled Iris from Hobby Lobby thanks to my wife I came up with this. I hope they will be happy with the donation.
  5. I have made roses out of both copper and steel. People seem to like the copper roses better. The copper seems to make the rose bloom pop. Currently I have been working on developing an Iris. I have made the prototypes out of steel and am now making one out of copper and I really like the contrast of the copper. After saying this The brass brushed finish would look nice to. Try it with the brass brushed finish and see if you are happy with the result.
  6. When I was at home my father had made a couple of shop seats out of tractor seats. The seat was welded to a pipe that telescoped within another pipe. Adjustment was a bolt or rod that was placed in holes that had been drilled into the upper pipe with a washer under the rod. This allowed the seat to swivel as well as be adjustable for height. His didn't have rollers, just the bottom pipe welded to an old disc blade for a base.
  7. I started with a Lincoln 225AC buzz box. This is the same welder that I used at a small welding shop that did repairs and made equipment for grain systems and livestock producers in the area.We welded up to 1/2 inch and down to 20 guage. The owner upgraded to a mig before I moved on and it was much nicer for the light steel. I also have a Hobart 140 which is nice for light sheet and tubeing. I usually go to it first if it is 1/4" or less but would not be with out the Stick welder. I have more confidence in the stick when I need it to hold, on the thicker stock. I would go with an AC/DC if the opportunity presented itself.
  8. So far bottle placement has not been a problem. This is my first with the wine glass holder and I expect that it will be displayed with glasses in place before it is auctioned off. I think it is a little more obvious in front of you than it may be in the pictures.
  9. Not like any grain probe I have used or seen
  10. Thanks for the kind comments. I am not entirely happy with some of the elements but as a whole I thought it turned out fairly well. Like many I am my own worst critic. I did like how it blended with the field stone.
  11. Just finished this tabletop wine rack which holds two bottles and two wine glass's. This the first time I have combined two media in a project. Decided to use a field stone as the base and try to make it look like the vine grew from the rock. This is something that I am donating to a fundraiser for our local county youth fair.
  12. I did discover what the problem was upon closer inspection. The fasteners that were at the bottom of the firepot that held the ash dump and the blower inlet under the clinker breaker had streched do to the heat from the fire. This left a 1/4 inch gap that the belt run by that caused the belts to burn up.
  13. Here are some pictures of what I am dealing with. Thanks for some of the suggestions I have received so far
  14. See if I can get some tomorrow. Sorry I am new at this.
  15. No lining to the firepot. Seems to be the heat coming back through blower heating up the small pulley that is causing the problem.
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