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  1. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    hand crank blower

    Any further progress on this yet? Assuming it's successful, what sort of price point are you aiming for?
  2. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Nearing completion Need to make a few more bits to attach the top, then aggressively wire wheel it, and apply a finish.
  3. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    What did you do in the shop today?

    If they are otherwise suitable for the intended stock and personal use, why not just grind it out, and fill it back in with weld rather than making another pair?
  4. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Don't feel the need to apologise. People these days are far too quick to back away from an opinion just because it might touch on a sensitive topic. We should instead focus our efforts on the ability to have a civil, respectful and meaningful conversation about difficult topics rather than ignoring them.
  5. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I would have to counter this slightly with my experience of studying programming vs friends whom studied medicine. While everyone in my classes was breezing through and enjoying ourselves, they were all permanently stuck lugging around huge medical volumes and rarely not reading, memorising and regurgitating all of it word perfect. A very different skill set in my eyes, and not one just anyone can pick up. They didn't just jump into a nice hourly rate after graduation either. It was continued learning, and while I could clock out at the end of the day, they were all doing double shifts, then home for more reading, couple of hours sleep and start again. I get it wrong, the company loses profit. They get it wrong, someone loses a family member. I'd gladly let them take home a higher hourly rate for that level of responsibility. On the other foot, of justifying a higher rate than others, I'm sure you've shared my experience of software development, keeping server hardware and software up and running, customer support, project management, and assisting with sales tenders and meetings. Basically able to perform any business function. Take any of those other areas, and I'm sure there are people employed for that. A project manager could also do customer support and sales, but I doubt they could program or support the servers. Despite my own abilities in software etc etc, there's not a chance I could study medicine or law. So in my eyes, it comes down to specialised skill sets that can be scarce, and as we know when buying anvils recently, scarcity and demand drives up the price.
  6. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    What did you do in the shop today?

    The Lawyer's hourly rate represents the thousands of hours invested in their education, and continual study of their subject matter, not too mention financial investment in degrees. It also takes into account overhead for the firm. Premises, furniture, additional staff, so on and so on. So yes, completely fair.
  7. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Slowly getting there with the most recent project. Almost all the pieces roughed out, then need to clean them up, get everything more closely matched, and assemble. Unfortunately ran out of gas, so shall have to continue another day.
  8. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    What did you do in the shop today?

    If I said i'll finish a project I mean it! You don't need to remind me every six months.
  9. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    Holland Anvil Swage Block 1

    If they are listing it on eBay for $275, that leaves them with a new profit of $63.92 taking into account the listing fees, and payment fees. Not a huge profit for them, and it's free marketing for you if people are searching for the item and buying direct instead. I'd say it's a win win... you're (I assume), making your a profit from the initial sale... the 'customers' buying and reselling would be unlikely to purchase one otherwise, so your overall sales volume increases, and potential customers also increase (both from other people trying to copy the buy and resell idea, and those genuinely interest for themselves).
  10. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Very classy!
  11. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    New Logo, feedback and help wanted

    Does the number and positioning of the circles and lines have a specific meaning? Personally I think the new one has a bit too much going on, and as above, might not translate well when shrunk down.... if the design works as a touch mark, and scales up, it would be a lot more consistent and recognisable than having two or more variations?
  12. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    ethical question

    This is an interesting example (whilst his business proposal would be fraudulent), what if you were to take the commercially produced item, throw it into the forge, modify it somehow, and then finish with oil/wax, and then sell it? If we are making a hook from scratch, we don't lift a 3" square bar and draw it out; we start with stock as close to the finished dimensions as possible. Where does the ethics committee fall when it comes to modifying and selling something in this regard? With a hook, you might say no, it's unethical (depending on how it's marketed), but how about buying rose blanks, or some other mass produced laser cut shape which increases the profit margin rather than the time spent cutting them yourself? Similar, yes/no?
  13. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    ethical question

    I would assume the rest of the material is 'recycled'? (eyes, legs, tail)... in which case, I don't see an issue. It's not like you're deliberately trying to mislead people, advertising it as a vintage, gluten free, responsibly sourced, fair trade, antique, artisanal, free range product with certificate of provenance... it's a bit of 'scrap art'.... and given your description of the wrenches, they sound like scrap despite being 'new'. No doubt, they are manufactured from steel that has been recycled many times over. Since they don't sound fit for purpose, you are in the true sense of the word, recycling them.
  14. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    Stump problems as an Anvil

    Your 'anvil' needs to be harder than the metal you are trying to shape. Try a big flat rock instead of a wooden stump, or better yet, a sledge hammer head. Have a read at this for further ideas:
  15. PleaseDeleteThisAccount

    What did you do in the shop today?