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  1. Found some pics of a few from my collection. I’ve downsized in the last 10yrs or so,at one point I had over 100 driving hammers alone. Now I think I have 50 lol First & second are Rice Bros about 5/5.5oz. Third & fifth are two of my favorite machine made hammers,6oz Horsehead and a 6oz a Roger Grant Journeyman Platers special. The RG is a beautifully machined work of art and a damn fine hammer. Fourth is a Tom Hall hafted on a Jim poor haft. I have an Andy Darden 5/6oz somewhere that has a lot of the characteristics of the Rice Bros hammers. When I sketched out the design
  2. Nice looking hammers. I’ve always liked a lighter hammer,but then again I did come up shoeing racehorses expanded my custom from there. But always used the same hammer for everything from little tiny #3sp up to the big European head nails I used on my heavy horses to no the books. Always between 5&6oz. Used my Calcinore and an F.a Bell handmade hammers for probably 15yrs untill I won a 6oz Horsehead down at Danny Wards clinic in Va as a door prize one year. I do have a fondness for hammers tho,especially handmade,rare/obscure driving hammers.
  3. Got my hammer from England the other day but with everything that’s been going on I’ve been a bit preoccupied lol I hadn’t trimmed the top of the haft or wedged it yet, but the weight and balance is great.
  4. Thanks George,thanks guys. It was a little sooner than expected,I was actually at the track shoeing some horses when I got the call from my wife. She was born at 16:42/4:42pm for those who aren’t military,Europeans or paramedics lol Doctors said she’s a little frail but doing good over all,my wife is doing good as well. George,my 3yr old has taken an in shoeing horses. Maybe we have our next generation of jhu horseshoer lol
  5. That’s also the greatest thing about being an uncle too,I’m the eldest out,so even before I had kids of my own the kiddos loved comming over to the farm to visit me because I’d let them have all the crap my brothers and sisters wouldn’t let them,and I’d always buy them the most aggregating toys for birthday/Christmas/good grades that I could lol
  6. Personally I’ve never found them useful for pulling clips and much like turning cams on an anvil I’ve never felt the need or wanted “extras” on an anvil. I’ve only ever had one anvil that’s had a clip horn and I’ve never pulled a single clip on it,the placement up on the base of the horn was never comfortable for me. I needed something for in the shop to leave Emerson I had at the time in the truck. I prefer to pull clips at the heel working across the face. I was never very proficient at pulling clips untill I bought my double horn/German pattern from Scott Collier after a clinic at Danny
  7. Thomas,Frosty normalcy is a very subjective thing lol I’ll just be happy to see how I end up after my leg finishes healing from the repairs they did on the multiple complete breaks of my left femur.
  8. Any of the horseshoers on the board have any interesting and/or hand made driving hammers? It days gone by a lot of shoers forged tools as well,especially the old school racetrack horseshoers when every track had a shop and quite a few had home shops as well. As I find mine when I get my 2 seaboxes moved I’ll post pictures of some of mine. Being in the mid-atlantic all of mine were made in the wva/va/md/pa quad state area with the exception of my newest hammer that was forged for me by my good buddy Gary Huston across the pond. Here’s one out of my shoeing box. It’s 5/6oz,I’ve h
  9. Glenn,after my wife has the baby next month and things go back to somewhat normal Ill get the 2 seaboxes moved to our new house and start sorting through everything,basically my entire shop is either crated,strapped to skids or boxed,stacked on skids and shoved in the seaboxes with the skid loader. Took everything except the bed,bosh and chimney when we moved. Left those because they are brick lol Sold some things I wish I’d have not sold like my little giant,fly press out of the steam era western md RR shops as well as my shaper,south bend lathe and Bridgeport. But alas I did,can’t go b
  10. Butch Wheeler Used to patch all those bad footed horses leatherberry had back in the 80s. George did you ever run in to butch much in the old days? He was from an old Maryland family of horseshoers. Butch’s old man,Kenny was in the union with Herb,Raymond Benton,F.a Bell and those old timers.
  11. McMaster Carr has several grades of Babbitt material,I’ve sourced it from them before for a couple of projects.
  12. Thanks Glenn,any transactions would be done off site and in person. George and I are friends from way back.
  13. I have a stash of firepots put away,even a new old stock Vulcan pot.
  14. Thoro’bred no longer lists the swages online or on the print catalog. I made my own out of 4x4 block of medium carbon steel. Straightened a section of a kerkhert training plate. Heated the block in the coke until it was about as hot as I’d wanna take and and drove the section into the block under the little giant. Friend of mine cut out the saddle sections on plasma table and I welded it up and used screen door springs as hold down. I was still at the old shop between shepherdstown & harpers ferry back then so I still had pretty much all my big boy toys back the,25lb little giant, Side dr
  15. George,California definitely still has a pretty good testing protocol for commission licensing. I think Harry Patton has a hand in setting up the state testing and seeing as Harry was a IUJH man,the practical portion of the test was loosely based on our union test. the test here has been basicly a sham since they shut down the shops at both Charles town and Shenandoah. If the powers that be don’t want you have a license,be it horseshoer,trainer,assistant trainer your not gonna get your license if fly even get to take the test,they have a habit of being moved to the bottom of the pi
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