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  1. Well done! I love the contrast from the black to the burl, and the grinding looks really clean. Did you do much hand sanding, or was it all on a 2x72? Fantastic first knife!
  2. I seem to recall a build from across the pond that utilized angle iron that was bolted together to frame the k26 bricks. A good coat of Matrikote, an ordered burner, and you're golden! A wonderful weekend project me thinks.
  3. In my opinion, the more people that get involved in metal-working the better, so I hope you are very successful if you start doing this. I would think of some way to ship with a safety brief type document, and point troubleshooting to IFI.. maybe that will offer a good starting point?
  4. Love that handle! Great job!
  5. Does the company provide rigidizer, cast-o-lite equivalent, and Plistix? These necessary things may be extra costs to consider.
  6. I would NOT use ITC 100... Matrikote or Plistix are going to be much better for your (hopefully) future k26 soft bricks. Itc100 is a big waste of money for what you are doing.
  7. Everything they said! Seriously though soft bricks and a coat of Matrikote 90 or Plistix and you will be so much better off
  8. I like it. Yhorm's razor has a ring to it, don't it just. If you're going to chop carcasses then it should be great, if the grinding goes well anyway.. and provided there's no cracks! What about Cormoran's corn clipper?
  9. Are you going to do this as a hobby, for supplementary income, or try to make a good living?
  10. Les L I am using leftover propane from my bbq grill(20lb). I would guess 1/3 of a bottle was worth 4 hours before my pressure started to drop. I won't get a real bottle for a month or so and I will be able to give a better estimate for a 40lb bottle. This is all at orange heat, 1ish psi.. maybe 2psi max. Knife stock heats up lightning fast.
  11. Fortunately it's just for injured deer we have to put down after they get bumped on the roads. Animal control refuses to respond to deer after business hours.. just too many. Tis a shame we cant donate the meat.
  12. So instead of trying to grind the belly twist out, I bit the blade (har har) and got the metal hot again. It was relatively easy to get the belly of the blade properly straight (according to my eye at least), so I did some drawing on a 1in round for some tongs while I thought up a way to try and get the angle in the mid-blade without ruining it. I decided to make a little jig using two 1x3x12ish bars in a vise. I clamped the tang end of the blade between the bars just in front of where I wanted the bend. I then used a blowtorch to heat that spot in the blade before putting it in the forge, and I made sure the bars soaked up a good bit of heat to ease the leeching during clamping. This caused a hot spot where I wanted the bend, and with a little hammering, it finally broke over. The blade was straightened again using an idea from Buzzkill, profile ground, and scale removed. I am planning on starting bevels next weekend, and if I can get through the coarse belts to 200ish, I will normalize. The blade didn't take as drastic an angle as my pattern, and is closer to a real kukri I have in my display cabinet. All in all I am happy with where the blade is at, although I'm not as far along as I wanted to be today. Pictures below show the corrections.
  13. Well I haven't done any heat treating yet. My concern was that grinding one side significantly more than the other would cause issues during hardening... going forward I am planning on grinding more this afternoon (finally on my weekend again) and seeing how it straightens out through the first few passes. I could put it in the vertical mill but that seems excessive. If I am not liking how it is looking I will just put it back in the fire. If the grinder does the trick, I might normalize tonight and harden tomorrow. Still up in the air on handle material.. I keep going back to bloodwood and gaboon ebony. I also like the idea of cratemurtle and gaboon ebony for the contrast. I will post pictures tonight for an update on my belly twist and how it gets fixed. I appreciate your reply/advise Scanlan, and will try it out.
  14. Is this due to excessive heats, excessive scale, or too much heat?